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  • Hard News: Metiria's Problem,

    Ok, here’s a hypothetical policy idea, which is basically what minor party policy’s are.

    We are going to move some funds from someware unsexy, and put into sports!

    We ‘the’ politics party, propose a model boat race around the southern ocean, from Bluff to Bluff. This would stimulate the development and utilisation of satalite comunication technology. Among other things... such as … 3D printing:-)

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  • Hard News: Metiria's Problem, in reply to simon g,

    I think you might be missing my point. Click on your link. Then open minister for manufacturing. You will read: “For manufacturing to thrive and take advantage of new technologies like 3D printing, we need leadership across the whole sector now.”

    Now open the “Read the full policy” link to that PDF. In there you will see some impressive looking graphs and a photo of a snazzy looking plastic thing; probably ABS which is the same thing as polystyrene. Again, 3D printers are at the bottom of the digital manufacturing list of useful tools. Thats why I say, technology literacy requires education, not flashy toys like iPads and of the shelf 3D printers.

    There is a whole world of innovation available out there, 3D printing plastic trinkets isn’t it. laser sintering is a whole nother level. And I’m surprised nobody at Greens has mentioned it or anything else much to do with digital manufacturing.

    Let’s not forget digital manufacturing has been around in New Zealand for decades, that why there are so many horrible MDF kitchens in our houses. Once upon a time it was all the rage to import expensive CNC routers. But almost nobody used them for anything innovative. It’s not only about the tools, it’s also important to unleash the populations creative potential. That’s what I mean by education. How is the education policies of any party helping that to happen?

    Possibly this:

    Increase funding for universities in the engineering, mathematics, computer science,
    and the natural, physical and material sciences.

    But tell you what, your also going to need someone to design stuff.

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  • Hard News: Metiria's Problem, in reply to simon g,

    Your welcome: "Innovation lies at the heart of any smart, green economy,” said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

    I see thats an historic document, along with this “blueprint for the future”. If you would like, I can recommend the best brand 3D printer on the domestic market? But if we are talking about serious use of digital technology to manufacture our way to a clean Green and prosperous future, I suggest starting with education.

    The minister for manufacturing is a good idea And again, education...

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  • Hard News: Metiria's Problem,

    Personally, I’m just going to do something weird and vote for the party whose policies I most agree with.

    I just finished trawling through the Labour Partys ‘announced’ policy’s. I’m looking for signs of innovation. Unfortunately, theres nothing very exciting for me. So it’s all down to the personality of the leader, and some of the other potential MPs. Education for instance, talks about how much money in billions will be added, and how that’s also going to ballence in the books. But there is no indication there is any plan to even review national standards. There is a lot of enthusiasm for getting young people ‘work ready’ which I suppose is why the Labour Party is called the Labour Party. I’m just concerned that all the emphasis on funneling children of working class families into ‘jobs’ Isn’t necessarily going upgrade there quality of life. We might end up just waisting lots of creative potential, to the factory’s. And these is absolutely no mention of my pet project – dyslexia which is part of the prison populations problem.

    And the idea that every school aged child needs access to mobile digital devices, falls miles short of my expectations for technology literacy in the 21st century. iPads in schools as I said before is as far missing the point as misunderstanding the importance 3D printers.

    The Greens have a hell of a lot more enthusiasm, but some of there policy documents have gone ‘stale’. Russell Norman is still listed as the co – leader, compleat with contact details.

    Like Labour, the Greens are promoting the idea that any number of humans swimming in any fresh water lake or river system, is a good idea. So they cancel each other out there, along with the argument that it’s bad to have other mammals such as cattle and sheep trashing the habitat.

    So I’m undecided, but open to being convinced. I realise the need for these people to not put all there cards on the table right now, so trusting there ability to adapt and evolve there plan is important to me.

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  • Speaker: Low-quality language on immigration,

    Just for historic accuracy, when I was talking about bogan mathematics, I was referring to bogan during the age of the big bottles, pre – half dozen small.

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  • Speaker: Low-quality language on immigration, in reply to linger,

    Are there any other tricks to handling American-sourced data (oh, other than their idiosyncratic date order convention)?

    The main problems I’ve run into involve open source design software like inkscape, which has some basic parametric abilities. Something happens during the export to illustrator process that leaves you with an out of whack size that’s different to the original. The trick is to make a 100 by 100 square in Inkscape – send it to illustrator and you will have the scale percentage, which I have already forgotten. The reason for exporting from Inkscape to illustrator is that the community laser cutter I wanted to use wanted illustrator files. Illustrator has less parametric ability. Inkscape doesn’t have a hell of a lot ether, but that’s academic, Inkscape is free and it’s open to community improvement. i,e it’s a good candidate for educational projects.

    Most bogans are bi – calculator, The bogan toolbox will have multi cultural spanners and the bogan will drink anything up to or divisions of 60 bottles of beer per 24 hour drinking binge.

    I like to use basic fractions in the kitchen with cups, spoons, pints and pounds.

    I do lots of circles and spheres at work. And I’m using primary school level mathematics, becouse I’m an artist. My audience expects nothing less!

    The main thing is not wrote learning maths in our schools could equals inquisitive = creative STEAM. Translating different numerical systems is the spanner in the wrote learning works.

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  • Speaker: Low-quality language on immigration, in reply to Farmer Green,

    Perhaps the acquisition of literacy and numeracy could be considered as a “resource” in teaching how 1s and 0s work.

    Literacy and numeracy yes. But it’s even better to be multi-lingual, and wait for it, multi numerical system capable. So that’s having an ability to translate dozens of engineering data from Americans. Numerical system diversity isn’t very trendy but it’s practical.

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  • Speaker: Low-quality language on immigration, in reply to Farmer Green,

    I’ve got one of the dumb dumb degrees:-) that’s why I’m not frightened to say things like:

    If someone with a foreign sounding name pays a million dollars in offshore cash for a shitty little house in Auckland, good! That means whoever sold that house now has a million dollars to pump into sustainable farming or if the Green Party gets there way, an array of 3D printers.(just kidding) 3D printers are toys that make stupid little plastic things, and they are nothing more than the consumer end of digital manufacturing.

    I am heartened to hear murmurs coming from educationalists, to start teaching children how digital technology works, instead of giving them iPads. And more importantly, to introduce opensorce product development collaboration into the primary school curriculum.

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  • Hard News: Metiria's Problem,

    Never mind the polls. The political editors have there fingers on the pulse. Tracy Watkins’s 0pinion looks a bit like an obituary, that goes beyond the polite etiquette of not speaking ill of the dead.

    The John Key-Bill English-led Government has reigned supreme for nearly a decade. It’s one of our most popular governments ever – freakishly popular, in fact.

    It got us through the global financial crisis, the Christchurch earthquakes, Pike River. It clawed New Zealand out of recession. So voters forgave it for a string of mini-scandals – the GCSB spying debacle, ponytail-gate, ministerial resignations, the teapot tapes, John Banks, secret donations, dirty politics.

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  • Hard News: Metiria's Problem, in reply to linger,

    but if, even as you vote, you know they won’t get in at all, it doesn’t directly help change anything either, and in that sense is a wasted chance for change. Nevertheless, I agree that voting for something is better than not voting at all.]

    Yes well, I must confess to being a little less spiritually clean than I sometimes project with my internet persona. I’ve been considering just voting for the popular leader this time round, just becouse it might make me feel good. And becouse I think it’s good for us to have an inspirational leader. But I try not to forget that the priminister isn’t the only leader in a parliament. There are MPs who lead small but important projects without being part of the Government. The Greens are big leaders in that.

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