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  • Hard News: These things we must now change, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    I can post some photo essays here,

    I’d be interested, (maybe on a Capture thread might be better though) Gujarat sounds like a fascinating and ancient place – I believe there are Indus Valley / Harappan civilisation sites there and you’d be interested in the boatbuilding right on the shore – but it’s a big region – enjoy.

    Yes, I’ll ask if I can do a capture thread when I get back. It is a fascinating place. Ive got my eyes open for any live archaeological diggings going on. Its kind of insensitive to admit it in this type of thread but I’m more interested in seeing the industrial scale destruction of ships than the local boatbuilding. However, I am going to see a man about a life raft today. He runs an operation that converts old life rafts into pleasure boats.

    The modern world is different here. It’s socially acceptable to just walk out onto the road without looking. Everyone just avoids hitting you. Small children actually do play on the road. Most of the cars run on CNG, so the air isn’t vary dirty, but if everything had regenerative breaking, this place would be able to claim ultra clean and green status because most of the transport energy goes into super fast reflex breaking,

    Bhavnagar is branding itself as “The green city” The ship breaking yards in Alang are second to none on their health and safety procedures. And everyone is all about recycling and eating organic food. It’s kind of like New Zealand being 100 percent pure.

    Whats really different is the social nuance. Things like grown men walking around holding hands, and it’s not because they are gay. And the use of diplomacy instead of bullying.

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  • Hard News: These things we must now change,

    I watched a speech from our prime minister, via CNN yesterday. She spoke of her intention to publicly underplay the perpetrators relevance by never even uttering his name.

    She said she wants to direct attentions more towards the victims here. Which I agree is an important thing to do. Adding names, faces and extended family context is one way to reduce the risk of these things continuing to happen because its harder to kill our friends. I think that’s the theory. People who commit such heinous crimes clearly have no empathy for their victims, but might actually be operating our of crazy constructed empathy for their own people who they imagine are being under intimidated by “other people"… theories and psycho babble-whilst ignoramus’s shaming the perpetrator and so on, and on and on… Who gives a crap how or when or why. The perpetrator of this particular crime is now kind of like an animal we will be keeping in a zoo for academics to be curios about. And thats about it.

    Right, so I’m in a place called Bhavnagar. This is a small city in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat isn’t isn’t like New Zealand – sorry, I’m stating the obvious I’m aware. Possession of alcohol is illegal in Gujarat for example. Some of the victims of the Christchurch attack where and are Gujarat people.

    I can post some photo essays here, if thats not inappropriate at this stage. It might help build a more complete picture of what the offender did/intended to do. He killed innocent men women and children with the intent of inciting the further destruction of peoples he had no ability to empathise with.

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  • Hard News: These things we must now change,

    I’m processing lots of feelings over all this dreadful stuff.

    I’m in Mumbai. This is making wall to wall news over here. I don’t know if I should be apologising, or accepting condolences.

    I walked into the hart of a Muslim slum today, as I was trying to find a train station. I walked several hundred meters up a laneway unlil it narrowed to the size of a doorway. Thats when I realised I wasn’t on a public street. I felt like an intruder, but I didn’t feel I was in any danger.

    I also visited one of the big Hare Krishna tepals today. Had to go thru metal detector security on the way in. The food was as always, and they offered safe drinking water.

    I’m going to Gudurat on the overnight express train tomorrow. That’s where some of the people who where attacked are from.

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  • Hard News: The next four years,

    The internet didn’t turn out to be all that amazing in the end

    NZ Parliament

    Due to today’s global Facebook outages, select committee meetings will not be live streamed this morning. Public meetings will be recorded and uploaded to committees’ Facebook pages later today. #nzpol

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  • Legal Beagle: The climate strike and the…,

    Reflecting back to my own between 14 and 17s, I realise If I had been allowed to vote, I wouldn’t have voted for the Muldoon-National government. And in hindsight, my peers had more influence than my parents. But that was during a time when children where protesting about a foot ball game.

    From my radicalised point of view, I think the children protesting about the procrastination over galloping climate change, is an educational opportunity for secondary schools in particular. Fourteen year olds are old enough to help elect our parliament. Or at least get an opportunity to learn what it’s like to be taken seriously as people. I understand some New Zealand schools do educate their students about what democracy is, theoretically. And there are schools such as Wellington High, that educate the students about democracy by applying it.

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  • Legal Beagle: The climate strike and the…,

    The other Norman Kirks freaky legacy school which was also a state school, was in Christchurch. Four avenues it was called.

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  • Legal Beagle: The climate strike and the…, in reply to mpledger,

    For all the kids who vote the same as their parents because they are their parents, I think there will be plenty of kids who vote differently to their parents because they are their parents. Perhaps, it’s pretty close to a wash.

    I like how that paragraph reads out.

    I remember having conversations about this sort of thing when I was 14. I was a student at Auckland metropolitan collage which was a state funded alternative school. We ran the school thru a type of democratic process. We used that process to introduce school rules such as no smoking inside the building, which I will remind you, was an ahead of its time idea for the beginning of the 1980s. Adults smoked cigarets in our houses. We had regular school meetings which included raising of the hand voting on all sorts of important things. In other words, our alternative school included democracy training across the board. It wasn’t just for those nurds who joined the debating club. I was lucky to get that early introduction to that uno type of democratic system.

    The conversation I remember was the business of schools who required letters parents for kids who didn’t want to attend christian studies. It must have been assumed at the time that children where spiritual blank slates.

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  • Speaker: What almost everyone is missing…, in reply to Moz,

    And for people like me who earn less than the $100,000/year my house is dropping in price even the current “slow fall” is not good news. I could easily go bankrupt if there’s an actual crash. Along with most of that half of Australia who have mortgages.

    Is that when people are forced to sell houses because of job loss or such events, and the sale doesn't cover the mortgage?

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  • Access: The stories the Royal Commission…, in reply to Hilary Stace,

    "Instead of the Crown taking responsibility for what happened to us, they set out to try and vilify us and cast us in the role of the enemy and it just felt like more abuse,” Wiffin said.

    He’s not talking about the pigs back in the 1970s. The boot is going into that man on the ground now, by highly paid public servants, who live in comfortable houses.

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  • Hard News: We have to rethink the annual…, in reply to Craig Young,

    It’d be an interesting idea to quantify the harm caused by perfectly legal alcohol and compare it to decriminalised pot, wouldn’t it?

    Thats not a new idea. What you would find, is that they are completely different substances, that work differently on different people.

    If you're trying to make an argument that cannabis should be legal because alcohol causes more harm, why not just ban alcohol? But if you are talking about decriminalising pot because criminalising people for smoking pot is more harmful that smoking pot...

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