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  • Up Front: Walk This Way,

    #WhyIMarch (Video).mov

    Why I march. Join us, Aucklanders, in front of the US Consulate, 23 Customs Street. This Saturday at 10:30am. #WhyIMarch #WMAkl

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  • Speaker: Look in the Mirror, New Zealand, in reply to Steve Withers,

    Its so frustrating to hear your perspective. To be honest, it makes such uneducated assumptions. The truth is, statistics show most refugees make exemplary citizens.

    When your home country and everything you knew is gone--when you've found safety at what becomes your only refuge--refugees, especially the children of refugees, are extremely motivated to achieve. Our own Prime Minister is the son of a refugee. Einstein was a refugee...We can both cherry-pick extreme achievers and criminals and neither is the truth. Most refugees that make it to NZ live good lives that enrich us tremendously. Like any Kiwi.

    More importantly, the numbers we are talking about here are tiny--miniscule by any world standards. We're simply talking about what is the right way NZ should contribute on the world stage? Wage war for 65 million in Iraq? Or bring our quota up to where its been stalled for 28 years now--and wage peace instead..

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  • Hard News: Stories for World Refugee Day,

    For those interested in asylum and refugee issues here in Godzone, may I do a quick request? Kindly 'like' the Facebook page, "We Are Better Than That". I post news and updates on issues that directly affect New Zealand and the region. I am hoping to spread the word and get the hashtag #WeAreBetterThanThat going when we do discuss refugee issues to unify New Zealand's voice, hopefully one of continued simple respect and human dignity. I also feel passionately that we should not follow what has become Australia's foray into modern-day gulags. Australia's national shame doesn't have to be ours. Kindly spread the word, We Are Better Than That. Cheers, Tracey

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  • Hard News: Asking for a Contribution,

    Why don't you make this an annual ask? Most folks would happily consider it a voluntary subscription, especially with an un-named price. It gives you tangible recognition that people value your work Russell. Work and money are supposed to go hand-in-hand, as I recall. This doesn't need to be a one-off. Make it one annual ask.

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