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  • Muse: Freakanomics (TVNZ Edition),

    F**k this is disappointing.

    But hey, at least it's a great way of launching a successful career for some new and undiscovered New Zealand talent AMIRITE!?

    Just like NZ Idol did with Ben... what was his name?

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  • Field Theory: Who says chivalry is dead?,

    I agree with Losers moan about sportsmanship thing. To bring up a good quote from a mediocre movie...

    "Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and f**k the prom queen!"
    - Sean Connery, The Rock.

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  • Somebody Had To Say This....,

    Perhaps that should be submitted to Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians :-)

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  • Somebody Had To Say This....,

    Funny you should bring this up, there was a billboard on the side of the southern motorway with his picture on it... and again for someone who is so against homosexuality, he really did look pretty gay - no offense to the gays of course! Will try find a link.

    Although he even looks a little bi-curious here.

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  • Field Theory: The Sevens: Parts 1 & 2,

    I'm an Aucklander. I've not even been to Wellington a handful of times in my life. I don't really watch Rugby, don't follow it in the slightest. Sport in general for that matter is pretty much foreign to me. By societies standards, I'm probably an alcoholic. But I'm not one of 'those' drinkers.

    And I just arrived back from the Sevens yesterday.

    Hands down THE best event I've attended I think. Love me a good Big Day Out, saw Daft Punk live which was the best concert I've ever been to (big fan)...

    But two days in our fair capital at that thing has got me hooked. And there's no possible, conceivable way it could leave Wellington. Auckland, for all it's merits couldn't handle that event in the slightest. It needs to stay there (and it BETTER stay there!)

    Hat's off Sevens organizers, Wellington, and all who attended. Amazing event.

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  • Hard News: You've got to listen to the music,

    Yes the clashes are somewhat excessive this year - the Horrors and Kasabian being the strangest/most obvious one. And I also don't really know who I'll be watching in the gap before Groove Armada... perhaps I'll need the rest.

    The scheduling the last two/three years has really wounded the BDO for me, I'd never had a problem before that, but last years Holy Ghost (in what should've been a fantastic New York style DJ set) was unfortunately just not the flavour people wanted after Simian Mobile Disco entertained the greater South Auckland region with their performance.

    Not sure what's changed... perhaps it's just me, but there seems to be something done differently that is seeing weird pockets of nothing-ness, rather than constant stream of wandering adventure I've been used to.


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  • Hard News: Bowie for the BDO?,

    Harmonic Generator by The Datsuns is the first thing that came to mind... Rockin track!

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  • Cracker: Gossip, Music and Laughs,

    Gee, pioneer that she may be, you've been pretty generous to her there, but at least balanced I guess.

    The only ink that I've found to be more of a waste to our environment than Bridget's mindless rantings is the awful 'Denise & Pebbles' in... whatever it's in - i don't read it any more because of it, but I think it might be Canvas.

    I once dealt with Bridget in a Vodafone retail store. Like with every customer, ESPECIALLY those in the Newmarket/Remuera area who had their 'money to throw around' I bent over backwards to help her, getting little more respect than the toilet paper she'd flushed that morning, or the 4 people in the store she shoved passed to get 'help' (although can i call it help if she was telling ME what i was supposed to do?).

    Short of curing Cancer or Aids, the woman has no reason to a) Put herself in a position where she can gossip about others in such a manner; or b) treat people the way i saw her treat people on a few occasions.

    I do hope the booby trap i left in her repaired phone was of some discomfort to her, although she must've gone to another store after that as I never heard from her again :-)

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  • Public Address Word of the Year 2008,


    Usually used after a witty remark, the raising of a hands to perform a High Five, without the physical clapping of the hands.

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  • Stories: The Internet,

    My first time... who could forget:
    It was using Netscape Navigator on our brand new family Apple PowerPC circa 1997, at the ripe age of about 14. In front of me sat what seemed like (and still does) an endless stream of free information, far superior to that of the dusty encyclopedia's that sat on the shelf next to the computer desk. From then on, I realized that if I ever wanted to know anything, I was more likely to find it there than anywhere else. If I thought it was wrong, I'd check it on another site.

    And since then, I've educated myself to th best of my abilities via the world wide web. I've sat numerous times and had discussions / arguments with flatmates and the like, laptop in hand and managed to cite any reference I may use. Yes it's nerdy, yes it's geeky, but it's hard to argue with he who is educated.

    And it's changed my life because at the time, I was to be an architect, or in radio... but since my knowledge and passion for that which is online has grown, I have now made a career out of building websites, becoming fluent in html, php and the many other languages the internet speaks. And I NEVER could've imagined I'd enjoy it so much. I love my job, I enjoy getting up and going to work, and too few people I know can say that. Spam and Porn aside, I think the internet has only just begun to show us what it's capable of, and I'm happy to be at the forefront of what will hopefully be a still-got-plenty-of-growth-left industry.

    I heart the web.

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