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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Return of the…,

    Glad I could find the pic of Ladi playing at your Bowling Club event for the AC piece. I have some photos of The Checks and an ensemble from Lil Chief at those events too (an image from each performance are on the respective Audioculture pages - North Shore Rock'n'roll: 2004-2010 and Lil Chief Records. Good times!

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Recalling the Rascals,

    A programmer from one of the stations that got zero started haranguing me on Facebook, saying that my approach was unscientific and that I should’ve simply got the official data for airplay, which apparently showed them at 13% kiwi content for the week leading up to 29 April (with the average of all stations being 16%). I went and listened to his station for two hours of the drive show and they only played one kiwi song. When I reported that back to him and questioned how they got to 13%, he deleted the entire thread.
    I kept listening and noticed their nights segment immediately played three kiwi songs in half-an-hour. I stuck with it for a bit longer and found the nights average seemed to be around two kiwi songs per hour.
    So … for ease of calculation, let’s say there’s ten songs in an hour. If you play one kiwi song per two hours from 7am-7pm then that’s 5% and if you play two kiwi songs per hour from 7pm-7am then that’s 20%. Average them out and you get 12.5%. I think you see what I’m getting at … though glad to see not all stations take that approach. For classic hits, someone pointed out yesterday that The Mix has a more solid % of kiwi tracks and their playlist for the last 1.5 hours is on their website, which makes it easy to see this is true. So I hope people do support the stations that try harder on this score or if they like a station that isn’t doing well then let them know it’s important. Most of the people at radio are music fans and probably just need a little nudge. Hopefully this article gave them that!
    (sorry for the excessively long comment!).

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: The fractions…,

    30 seconds counts as a stream. That's supposedly why new pop acts frontload their songs with hooks and musical ideas - they just don't want you to click away until the first 30secs is up.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music! 'Tis the Season,

    Speaking of Stinky Jim ... He's one of a bunch of writers that have contributed to the New Zealand Hip Hop week set of articles that Noisey/Vice are running currently.

    At the very least, check out the hilarious word association vid that features SWIDT, Randa, etc:

    And I'm not just saying this because I wrote something for it..

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