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  • Hard News: Entertainment news,

    Bad news Russell, MGMT are touring Aussie in Dec. Can't see them turning around to come back a month later to do the BDO tour.

    On that point, where are all the NZ promoters?

    Australia has for some time now been enjoying an endless supply of quality acts that no one here is piggy backing on.

    I appreciate venues are an issue here but it just seems like good business opportuntiies lost e.g. Paul Weller just last month. Perhaps I should contemplate a career change?

    Anyone wanting to see MGMT - Yes, a tout but I can vouch for them as being dependable. Tom in their Sydney office will go out of his way to look after you. Tickets currently $190.

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  • Hard News: Monster Weekend,

    "Billy Bragg seemed no better than OK?"

    Russell, I swear I saw a smile on your face and Mrs B. definitely gets my vote for best sing a long of the day with her support to Bill on "New England".

    Same old problem with Bill though - if he would only cut the chat he could fit in an extra couple of tunes.

    Can't wait to catch Arcade Fire in a proper venue sometime soon. The hype about their live performances was right on the mark.

    Agree about the poor scheduling at that time. Did the organisers not realise the A. Fire and Battles were likely to have similar fans?

    It's the one constant problem with the BDO - poor scheduling. If they're going to continue with a diversity of acts, they need to group like with like rather than mix the likes of A. Fire and Bjork with RATM and Shihad, etc, etc. It leads to a mismatching of fans to the detriment of many including the artists.

    Undoubtedly, it's a result of small market and trying to pack in as much as possible in a single day.

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  • Hard News: Notes for a Big Day Out,

    "... for people who don't get Arcade Fire????"

    Do not miss the Fire. From all accounts they were the absolute highlight of the UK summer festivals this past 2 years.

    Other tip - Operator Please. Very young poppy/punky kids from Brisbane. Saw them supporting the Arctic Monkeys and they were great fun. Shame about their so early scheduling when there's the boredom of the likes of Shihad, Pluto, Brand New, etc clogging the prime slots.

    Other than Dizzee the boiler room seems all a bit techno boring. Has grime/dub step not come the way of the aussie organisers yet?

    No doubt there will be the endless queueing as usual which the organisers in pursuit of profit will have done nothing about. But heh, despite my usual BDO gripes I know I'll have a blinding time and hope you all do as well.

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  • Random Play: Alt.Nation: The Endless Summer,

    Now you don't get quality writing like that on other blogs do you?

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  • Hard News: Random,

    Can anyone actually remember seeing the "Weekend Magazine"?

    I note I'm smack in the middle of their distribution zone but can't recall ever reading one. No doubt another glossy that dupes advertisers out of their cold hard cash and ends up in the bin unread with the publishers quickly fading away.

    I'm chuffed to be referred to as a scumbag though. Perhaps their targeted marketing is spot on after all.

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  • Hard News: Because that's how I roll,

    Also not overwhelmed by BDO announcement. Still, this year's line-up seems a better balanced one overall than past couple and should appeal to a wide audience.

    Don't miss Operator Please. Saw them supporting Arctic Monkeys in Sydney and their punky/poppy sound is a lot of fun live.

    Shame Kate Nash couldn't have dragged her shag out here for a holiday as we would have got the Cribs in on the act also.

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