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  • Cracker: It's urs!, in reply to Damian Christie,

    I'll do it Damian - and Geoff, get on that plane!!!!
    Yippee!!! We are very excited about this, thanks so much Damian - will share your post with the media teachers and as many students as I can!

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  • Hard News: Real Media,

    I was at the Media Studies meeting yesterday and, with all due respect Russell, I think you may have misinterpreted what we were saying. It's true we don't have a formal curriculum, but we do have a place in the curriculum and a structure to our courses, based on integral media concepts - the most important being that all media is a construct and that students need to learn how to be critically aware and analytical of all media - including new media such as social networking. It's true some of us could be classed as not as young as we could be and we are - like many, running to keep up with changes in the media environment. But we do know we have a responsibilty to empower students to think for themselves about the world(s) they are inhabiting and to keep up with the play. So - we are trying hard to upskill ourselves at every opportunity - thanks for the tips - the whole You Tube thing is fraught with difficulty in most school environments for obvious reasons. We have IP and privacy issues to think about - and our jobs to protect. We certainly aren't adverse to students getting an audience for their product (and we teach them about the pitfalls too).
    I've enjoyed reading all the responses to this and can tell you all confidently that every Media teacher I know is highly intelligent, worldly and interesting! And that includes your husband Danielle - he's doing a great job!

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