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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Good ideas that…,

    Not sure about your itunes Match experiences there Russel, the thing is slow to update, but I've found it to be great.

    Having multiple computers and devices, and being able to use any of them to import, buy tracks, or make a playlist which is then available on all the others, is perfect. Slow, yes, but it beats trying to sync the files any other way.

    I think the idea is to realise that it takes time to propogate, and to get past the initial set up on all devices, after that, the ability to pick and choose which bits of your collection are where works well.

    Best Tip - Rip full wav quality backups of your CDs on your capacious desktop computer with itunes, then let it faff around and convert the whole lot to AAC while it uploads, and presto - a full mobile version of your library backed up in the cloud as well.

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  • Hard News: News from home ...,

    Nope, not missing anything....
    cant see a bright future for the party myself, after that choice.

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