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  • Hard News: Friday Music: True love works…, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Disclaimer: music journalism annoys me and that article on Lorde neatly sums up why.

    Pretty much every criticism of Lorde starts with a statement to the effect of
    "Am I the only critic immune to the charms of Lorde? "
    The answer of course is, 'no you're not the only one, critics like you are a dime a dozen.'
    The only legitimate reason for not liking Lorde is, 'I don't like her music'. Simple as that. Fair enough, no argument from me on that.
    I like her music. There is some music I like more and some music I like less. The fact that someone doesn't share my taste doesn't interest me very much, let alone bother me.
    But can we please stop pretending that people who don't like Lorde (or any other artist) actually have anything more to say than 'I don't particularly like her music/that song/album'?

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