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  • Busytown: School bully, in reply to linger,

    How convenient for you to label any views that differs from your own or the original opinion as trolling, how about a debating the issues instead of throwing emotive labels around?

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  • Busytown: School bully, in reply to Hebe,

    Why should teachers be insulated from the competitive pressures that every other professional operates under?

    I don't support linking funding to student achievement either, but your own ideologically driven theories may be just as damaging to educational outcomes as the agenda you claim the government is pushing. At least they have the guts to try and provide alternatives to those who for whatever reason fall through the cracks of the existing system. Lets also think about what practical measures (e.g. insulating homes and adequately funding immunisation programs and primary health care) National has implemented as opposed to the welfare that is according to the opposition the only available alternative.

    Parata's inept management of the Christchurch situation is not in and of itself evidence that other parts of National's education policy are flawed.

    Lets see how sypathetic you are to Cunliffe and his cronies when you're paying tax at internationally uncompetitive rates if he gets elected.

    Think very hard about that before you cast your votes too.

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