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    Man is here by accident, descended from bacteria and "crocodiles", serving no purpose in the Universe. We are just animals, living by natural laws and instinct. First, survival. Second, sex. It is probable in our evolution there was a lot of sex without considered consent, and we wouldn't be here otherwise. By today's definition: rape.

    We cling to the myth civilisation is man's natural, preferred state; that democracy is superior and self-perpetuating. Actually, there is always barbarism. History and observation demonstrate man is not a moral animal, we are deeply flawed. To survive, society needs structure and discipline. Until recently, society had clear rules about sex, often disobeyed, but we knew what they were. We abolished them. (Talking about sex, not assault.) Not the age of consent, 16, arbitrarily; 14 and less in some jurisdictions.

    Two things. Homo sapiens is a mad animal, governed by the unconscious mind, hormones. That will never change. Second, men seduce women. Men need sex and women want to be seduced. That is the reality of our existence, we are sexual animals. It is naive or disingenuous to say, "No" always means no. It depends on the "No". Men know that "No" can mean "Try harder". There is plenty of scope for misunderstanding. And regret. (Only vulgar men and homosexuals say: "Do you want to fuck? Sign here.")

    Let me ask. A bar at midnight. A woman meets, for the first time, a man. They have a couple of drinks and she agrees,as so often happens, to go to his room. Why?

    Young girls go to unsupervised wild parties in skimpy clothes and get drunk. Why?

    The law will not save people from themselves. It might punish perpetrators but it won't reverse time. First rule of survival: Look after yourself.

    Seems to me, the real issue is control. Women used to have the upper hand. They could get men to marry them and look after them and any offspring. Feminism put at end to that.

    So now (some) feminists want to deny the very basis of our existence, our biological needs. Actually, to turn men into women. From what I've read, they're succeeding.

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  • Legal Beagle: Think it possible that you…,

    Depressing reading, Graeme. Man evolved from fish, and most of us are still travelling in shoals, ruled by panic.

    "No" means no, so you can send your young daughter off to a wild party in skimpy clothes and tell her to get drunk. No, you wouldn't do that? Why not? "No" means no, doesn't it?

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