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  • Hard News: Mega Strange,

    BREAKING: Cameron Slater revealed as the mystery txter.!

    Unfortunately I can't tell you who my source is ,but it's true I have proof!

    Right, that should be good enough for the bulk of New Zealand media to report on in the morning. ( at least tv3)

    Seriously I don't understand why a lot of really smart people continue to engage Slater ,when he is nothing more than an internet troll; albeit a profe$$ional one. Whale Oil is not journalism, it's Jerry Springer meets Fox News., yet here all NZ media are happy to report anything from them.

    So this time he has been caught red handed actually fabricating the news! However, history says he won't be held accountable. Wait? he's already gone.

    The least media could do is ignore the next BS fabrication from whale oil, probably due out in a couple weeks.

    Great publicity the books had though! Ugh.

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