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  • Hard News: Fly My Pretties Schwag!,

    This is very tricky 'cos there are lots good FMP songs – and some of them are not on this list! (Mainly “Bag of Money”) but it would be great to be a muppet, so I’ll give it my best shot.

    I reckon the four best are:
    • “Singing in my Soul” - I like it lots even though I didn't sing it at my brother's wedding, yet;
    • “Miracles” – Hollie Smith has a super awesome voice, and it’s just a pretty funky song;
    • “Angels” – was a really impressive moment during FMP’s “A Story” at the St James in Wellington. Also Dick Weir is awesome. I loved EARS; and
    • “Shouldn’t I know”. I used to listen to it lots, and should listen to it more now.
    I would like to be Waldorf, please.

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