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  • Hard News: The crybaby philosopher, in reply to MxDEJ,

    How about because civilised, careful, fact-based debate might work a little better without the side-order of name-calling?

    To be honest, while I think that'd be true in an ideal world, I don't think Jamie Whyte's up to that. Many of the posts cited here (particularly Matthew Dentith's) are actually pretty considered and uninsulting, and Whyte's response has been to claim that his detractors are incapable of rational thought. That means his call for "civilised" debate is actually disingenuous.

    If he's going to behave like a troll, then perhaps troll-fighting techniques are a more appropriate way of conducting the argument.

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  • Hard News: Heads Up,

    I'd understood that the lack of some CBD analogue was also part of what made the synthetic cannabinoid drugs so prone to cause freakouts in users relative to real pot.

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