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  • Hard News: Angry and thrilled about Arie,

    Sorry for chiming in a bit late in this story of police misconduct against Arie but I have been watching events unfold since the police ‘looters parade ‘ on the main prime time tv news.

    And to my shame I originally thought that, a) the injuries to Arie were inflicted by other righteous garden variety crims in the holding cells, or where-ever, and that, b) Arie was in fact a looter, with all those negative connotations that word contained back then when the earthquake and damage were raw.

    Stupid me ……….. I never believe the police or the media anyway ;-) .

    The narrative in the actual hard copy of the dominion post was very one sided.

    It left out the bit about the police misconduct and the light fitting was described as ‘antique, probably to confer value and motive to …. Loot.

    I feel very badly for Arie and his ordeal, he was basically taken advantage of and if not tortured then certainly terrorised …….

    After that he was paraded as prime time fodder in the modern equivalent of the stockades.

    And what percentage of the country brought into it ???. Who would have thrown rotten fruit?.

    I got sucked in and I feel like a mean fool for it .

    Thankyou NoRightTurn for alerting me to the truth behind the matter although I’m not sure how the factual or real story broke out and spread.

    Aries condition led him into a very unfortunate contact with the police and he was treated in an appalling but not unique manner.

    Approximately two weeks ago Billy McKee an organiser of green cross in New Zealand was arrested after what appears to be a longish under-cover police operation.

    Green Cross is a genuine compassionate organisation whose members benefit from medicinal cannabis.

    Some members have terminal illnesses, some have died, I have personally been involved with people using cannabis to help them with or through bad chemo and that has not always ended well….

    These Green Cross people are either sick in some way and are being helped with Cannabis or in Billys case he is sick and he is HELPING other sick people.

    Because of the morals and science of people like Peter dunne & Simon Powers with a little pat on the back and thumbs up from Judith Collins these sick people are brought into contact with the police with sometimes devastating consequences.

    The beating is of a different sort than Aries and almost appears civilised sometimes, but the cops are really just as malevolent.

    And then judge’s join in …… well, they always have so far.

    Sorry if this is counted as thread crashing but in Russell’s original post and in the example of Billy Mckee ( he was the guy in the wheelchair in tv3’s recent doco ) there is another similarity in the police victimisation of the vulnerable..

    The police are trying to shut down or censor the green cross website.

    Sorry craig but the nats are in power and the dogs are off their leash …..

    Authoritarians and social dominators

    ……… or plain evil as I call it.

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  • Hard News: Bishop Brian: It's worse than…,

    The pope Giovanni ..................... is the anti-christ ....... thats the word from the seventh day adventists.

    And good christian folk like that would'nt lie.

    They are all cultish.

    But then again they do seem to fill a need for some people.

    Some flaw in human nature seems to leave people suceptible to this kind of exploitive nonsense.

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  • Hard News: Bishop Brian: It's worse than…,

    I tend to think Destiny church are a cult.

    Brian Tamaki is a ‘god appointed bishop’?.

    God told him to start a church and be the bishop?.

    Cult spotters basic 101 – A leader who has a direct line to ‘god’ ……… what else is god going to tell them ????? …… it always seems to lead to trouble.

    I don’t have much to do with the salvation army but it seems they do reach down and help the hopelessly fucked amongst us. I’ve often thought they, the various ‘city missions’ and others who help feed and shelter our community’s lost causes should be financially supported by an increase in the excise tax on the drug piss …… which is a direct cause of so much of their work.

    Christians like most religious people do seem overly judgmental tho ….

    But then how else do they differentiate between we damned ones and gods happy clappers? …

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  • Hard News: About Arie,

    Sacha .... I have posted up what was in todays Dompost newspaper, they had no other story...

    And are you sure the stuff link you've posted up is from the dompost?,

    If your news source was the actual dompost newspaper you would not know that the "Autistic looter", as they call him, had been beaten, that was edited out of the story.

    And he must have been already convicted according to the dompost ........the newspaper that is

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  • Hard News: About Arie,

    I’ve often thought the Dompost was a nasty rag, and their reporting of this case is very revealing, firstly in the headline they chose and then what they have edited out of the story .


    Autistic looter bailed

    Police have relented and allowed bail for a young man with autism who became "the face of looting" in the days after the February 22 quake.
    Cornelius Arie Smith-Voorkamp, 25, was filmed at an appearance in a makeshift court session in the watch house below the Christchurch Central Police Station on February 26.
    He had been arrested for burgling a house in Lincoln Road, Christchurch, and was also charged with having two screwdrivers and a jemmy bar for breaking into buildings.
    At the time, neither the police nor duty solicitor realised that he was autistc. Since then his foster family has contacted police and told them that he has Asperger's syndrome. In his case it shows up as a compulsion to steal light fittings.
    Police alleged he stole two lightbulbs and an antique light fitting from a quake-damaged home.
    Police said they had reviewed the case and were not opposed to bail.
    Smith-Voorkamp was assessed as a very low risk of reoffending ………………

    Heres a link to a fuller version of the story
    You can read for yourself the unimportant bits they left out .

    They must be acting on Judith Collins complaint about the media being responsible for hurting the reputation of our police.

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  • Hard News: About Arie,

    Your ability to minimize and describe a police beating of a vulnrable person as the poor police ' striking out ' is not amazing ........... its sick.

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  • Hard News: About Arie,

    There’s been a few euphemisms both here at publicaddress and at other forums regarding the beating given to Arie Smith-Voorkamp.

    Have a look at his photo which norightturn has up.

    I see a possible broken nose, bruising and swelling around his mouth, bruising below his temple and a damaged ear.

    This was no “striking out” by police or a simple black eye, that’s just apologist bullshit.

    He got beaten in custody like we’d imagine happens in places like Fiji or China.

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  • Hard News: About Arie,

    From experience our cops are better than the Aussie ones …………………. But that’s a very backhanded compliment.

    No doubt Michael Laws will at some point be discussing the investigation into the two thugs/bullies who are presently members of the NZ police ………………… and no doubt that discussion will endorse them and things like shooting looters or having them swinging from lamp-posts.

    Michael Laws is the radio equivalent of Kiwi sewer, whoops , I meant kiwi Blog. They both present and play to the mean, ugly and scared face of New Zealand. They deal in stereotypes and the worlds just black and white to them. They probably both think it’s a good idea to sterilize any disabled people and would do it while they they are sterilizing all the solo mothers …………..

    Also from experience the NZ police will protect their own and thwart the investigation.

    They are experts at lying under oath …………………. I mean giving evidence

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  • Hard News: Morning in Auckland,

    What Ross wrote about me was ....................."A classic line from the likes of those who won't vaccinate (and NOT limited to this) their kids."

    Sounds like he was ascribing being non-vaccination to me .......

    Also I admit mistakenly REPEATING an urban myth regarding Samoans and the census ( which had it genisis where?, overstayers during the time of the dawn raids perhaps ?)

    You steve seem to be saying that I invented and made up this urban myth all by myself.

    I dont think even you believe that.

    But you couldn't help yourself from writing it.

    Its that KiwiPAB virus that seems to be infectious .

    I'll also admit that I've been rather poor at communicating what is a complicated set of beliefs and life experiences which leads me to circumvent doing the census.

    My poorness in communicating and antagonisim towards Ross for his "classic line " bullshit has resulted in no-one looking good.

    One of PA's more piss poor perfomances I would have thought.

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  • Hard News: Morning in Auckland,

    Ross was making shit up about me .......................

    Spot the difference ????????

    Sacha's quite good at it too.

    By sticking up for a mob you'll allways have numbers on your side ;-)

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