NZOSS submission on the Copyright Amendment Bill

  • Russell Brown,

    By Peter Harrison of the New Zealand Open Source Society. This is what the Commerce select committee saw.

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  • Nobody Important,

    I give them 3/10 for presentation but full marks for content. I was unaware that record companies only pay half the usual royalty for an internet download and also charge the artist a 25% 'packaging' charge - despite there being no packaging. OMFG! That really does explain all about the motives of the Big Record/Media companies in pushing this.
    Since it's easier and cheaper for a consumer to download off the internet than go to shop and buy an actual CD how do they justify a reduced royalty to the artist??

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  • Don Christie,

    Cheers Russell.

    NI, give the NZOSS some funds (or better still a hand) an I am sure they can do a better presentation. Fact is Peter took the time to come down to Wellington in person, front up to the select committee and put together this video!

    But you are right, the important thing here is the content and that is spot on.

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