• steven crawford,

    My seven year old daughter said: "I'm a little bit dyscalculic" With a smarty pants, proud grin on here face. She told me that it meant that she is a bit crap in school, at maths. I explained that I was a bit dyslexic and that I am good at reading and writing.

    Today she asked me what optimistic meant. This was jurying an experiment involving small salt water fish. We caught some fish with the bait catcher. She was adamant they could be kept as pets. I argued they'd be dead by days end. therefor, I answered the what's optimistic question with " you have are optimistic about the fish serving when I have the opposing pessimistic belief" She appeared to be content with the answer.

    Some while back, when we were learning about reading and writing, I exclaimed: "all words have things called vowels" She said why!

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