MySpace Kills Again?

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    Earlier this year 60MinutesNZ did a story about 2 kiwi girls who got in a suicide pact with a teenage boy they met online. It turned out the boy was fictious, and luckily the girls didn't go thru with the pact. The girl who created the fictitious identity said it was just a prank, and Police spoke to her but said there were no charges that could be laid.
    A similar case has emerged in the US, but this time the girl did kill herself. And again the Police/FBI say there are no charges that could be laid. Obviously the child who suicided was troubled, but it's galling to think an adult was involved in setting up the child.
    It's an 'interesting' story, and further proof (not that it's needed) that the Internet is still the Wild West -- and that you need to watch your children. This CNN interview sets the scene:

    ‘Megan The Bitch…Had It Coming,’ Or How To Kill A Child Twice

    The family that created the MySpace account of Josh Evans did this so they could, in their confession to police, find out “what Megan was saying about their daughter”. The police report that has been posted confirms this and confirms that the mother confessed that she “created, instigated, and monitored the account”.

    This MySpace account had been in place for about 6 weeks in which Megan thought this person was her online boyfriend. She and he shared intimate conversations. The creators of this MySpace then ended the relationship with the a barrage of hateful emails that Megan received on the Monday she hung herself. The last message she received was “the world would be a better place without you”. Less than 20 minutes after receipt of that message, Megan hung herself.

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