How's that Air NZ "Fuel Surcharge" Looking Now?

  • InternationalObserver,

    When I saw the Air NZ spin machine on TV3 news last night trying to pass off the Boeing vs A1 Car race as some sort of comparison 'test' for a possible future move to 'bio-fuels' I wanted to hurl. Funny how they didn't mention that 'angle' to the NZ Herald in yesterday's morning paper - back then all they could excuse themselves with was a weak ...

    The Boeing 777 had no passengers or freight and minimal fuel ... Captain Morgan said the race used less fuel than a test flight.

    I'm sorry, but neither explanation washes and I for one won't be flying Air NZ in the future (when I have a choice). I was already pissed off by your previous antics (advertising cheap fares, but then adding a 'Fuel Surtax'*) and this just seals the deal. I can't wait for the BS to flow when you 'switch' to 'bio-fuel'.

    *more __here__

    The Commerce Commission has ruled that Air NZ must not include a fuel surcharge as a separate part of its fare pricing structure. Instead, any extra charge for fuel must be incorporated into the actual ticket price.

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