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  • InternationalObserver,

    Since RADIATION has joined FairGo and gone on hiatus for Christmas, I thought I'd chip in with another 2¢ on Californication.

    Earlier I had made disparaging comments, after having seen only one episode in Australia. Last night I watched the first four episodes back-to-back and I have to say, I think the show isn't so bad afterall. The character development is a lot more defined and the situations Duscovny finds himself in make more sense. It's clear he still loves his 'wife' and wants to get back with her.
    Meantime he's getting more sex than ... than ... well, it really is the stuff of Penthouse Forum isn't it?

    It's a Showtime show, and like HBO they can put out some good stuff. If you've had trouble getting into it try watching it in blocks rather than 30 minute episodes (or wait for the DVD), it has a better flow.

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  • Tomorrowpeople,

    It's a good show - great writing , funny etc.

    Tak eteh T&A out and you'd not lose anaything although it does add to the overall feel of the show.

    As for the lame ass advertisers who pulled their ads as they found the content 'objetctional' - what a pack of turkeys.
    No one blinks an eye at Outrageous Fortune which has more swearing and a high amount of sexual content albeit not as much nudity.
    (One of the advertisers was Burger King who's ads feature soft caore sexual fantasies of women in bikinis. How ironic).

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  • Jeremy Andrew,

    (One of the advertisers was Burger King who's ads feature soft caore sexual fantasies of women in bikinis. How ironic)

    Its beyond irony now, BK, who pulled ads from Californication after the Family First & Catholic Church complained, are now selling the toys from the movie The Golden Compass, which is also being noisily complained about by various churches, including the Catholics.
    Now they have their hypocrisy covered from both the jiggly bits & blasphemy angles.

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  • InternationalObserver,

    NB to RB:

    this post should be removed now, it's redundant.


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