Aussie comedy dissing Polynesians?

  • InternationalObserver,

    **Summer Heights High** - a mockumentary set in school with the writer/creator playing many different parts, including schoolkids.

    I saw this on ABC in Oz last week and it was quite good:

    Well, I enjoyed it up until the bit about the 'problem students'. They had their own special class and were all Polynesians! Either Maori or Pacific Island!! And they were being bribed to behave by offers of being allowed to breakdance!

    Am I being over sensitive? The show was amusing (not as funny as The Office) but it just felt weird seeing all the problem kids played by Polynesians (the exception being the show's creator Chris Lilley, who wore dark make-up and a wig to play the role of 'Jonah') (geddit?). Is that how the Aussies see us? Or are they just too PC to pick on the Wops now? (Or should that be Wogs? Sorry, I can't keep up with the Aussie slurs)

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  • Craig Ranapia,

    With a new series of Bro'Town kicking off this week, perhaps we shouldn't be wagging our fingers at Chris Lilley too energetically. :) Anyway, anyone who remembers We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the Year may come to the conclusion that Lilley spends considerably more time and energy "picking on" fatuous, self-absorbed and really rather stupid white Aussies.

    Is that how the Aussies see us?

    If you actually take your average rabid talkback host or tabloid paper with anything other than a grain of salt and a whole bottle of tequila, you bet your arse they do. I don't think some folks have ever gotten it through their heads that Centrelink doesn't actually dish out benefits to Kiwis and Islanders while they're in line at customs.

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  • Joe Wylie,

    Is that how the Aussies see us?

    Got bugger all to do with us. It's not as if we hold some kind of copyright on 'Islanders' - there are heaps of them in Oz.

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  • InternationalObserver,

    Either Maori or Pacific Island!!

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  • Chockasunday,

    Sounds like you're overreacting.
    Comedy often has to make fun of someone for the laughter of others, that doesn't mean there's any nasty intent behind it.
    Anyway, how do you know this isn't a reflection of the situation in Oz schools?

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