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Up Front: Fringe of Darkness

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  • Sacha,

    Felicity-Goodyear-Smith still feted at NZ College of GPs conference https://twitter.com/FMresearchplcy/status/759278765239365632on this day.

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  • Moz,

    Cracked mention NZ in a recent "5 Horrifying Laws It Took WAY Too Long To Fix" article saying that until 2005 women couldn't even be charged with sexual abuse of a minor because the law only recognised male perpetrators, citing an SMH article on the issue. Which is another legal problem.

    I note that the Munster for Edumakaysian is once again trying to put at risk girls into a co-ed residential school, because closing Salisbury School will save money. No possibility of sexual abuse is being acknowledged by the munster.

    Also, I keep coming back to this quote in the original article:

    "That never happened. I don't remember that."

    Some quite important events in my childhood have received that response from people involved. It's not just sexual abuse that people don't remember, it's part of the human-memory editing process to remove (some) things you don't want to remember. While some of the contested stuff I have evidence for, other things are just my opinion against an adults, and a good dose of denial/gaslighting deals with that as far as most people are concerned. Any later memory lapse is evidence of "he makes things up", and after a while people stop listening.

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