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Speaker: Part 20: Number 57, your time is up

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  • Bingle Struthers,

    Some timely observations. Yes we've a great legacy of grafters in NZ, and doesn't it often seem that the dream partnerships are those forged between a man of grit and one of flair? Hadlee and Chatfield, Fleming and Richardson, Crowe and Jones.

    And looking ahead, yes: Taylor and Styris. Injuries have diluted the chances of this NZ team in this tournament: what we wouldn't give to have Vincent delivering sudden violence there at the top with the sleek captain, and Mills as a more frugel and hairy new-ball partner alongside Bond.

    Mosgiel • Since Mar 2007 • 10 posts Report Reply

  • Paul Williams,

    Ahh Hamish, another great piece. Our nation's love affair with the triers - a country of Cortinas rather than Lamborghinis.

    I agree to a point, the class of Bond and Vettori exert the pressure that enables Styris to be frustrating and the class of Fleming and Taylor has to set up our innings for Macca etc.

    Sydney • Since Nov 2006 • 2273 posts Report Reply

  • David Ritchie,

    Oh, Hamish McDouall. It's crackers like this that make me look forward to reading your own blog one day.

    Since Nov 2006 • 166 posts Report Reply

  • Raffe Smith,

    Nice, as awlays Hamish.

    Give Ross Taylor a Test already! Oh, that's right, we don`t play a Test until November.

    Mount Albert. • Since Nov 2006 • 40 posts Report Reply

  • Raffe Smith,

    Grr. I even previewed that to check the link, but missed the typo.

    Mount Albert. • Since Nov 2006 • 40 posts Report Reply

  • Dan Slevin,

    Is it possible that a NZ v Aus final would have Taufel as an Umpire at Vettori's end?

    He's the first umpire to actually realise (as the rest of us have known for years ) that Vettori can turn it just enough so that a full-ish ball pitching on off would straighten to hit half way up middle and leg to a joker sweeping.

    Perhaps Taufel can put the word out to his colleagues.

    Wellington, NZ • Since Mar 2007 • 95 posts Report Reply

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