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Southerly: A Trip to Canberra with Alan Bollard

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  • Kyle Matthews,

    Some people looked and smiled. Some people looked and then looked away again, quickly. Some people stood and stared.

    My family has an informal policy for dealing with this sort of stuff, as my niece has Downs Syndrome. We figure it's part of people learning to accept difference around them, and just focus on her. At her age of 3, she doesn't notice that people are staring, and if she does, she just grins at them, and most people smile back.

    Maybe it'll be different when she's older, but I figure at this stage if people can be left to watch and see a little of what we find so wonderful in her, than a little staring won't hurt.

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  • Bernard Hickey,

    I haven't laughed so much since I read this speech from the good governor....

    I bet he has a gun for that inflation targeting business...

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  • Tim Michie,

    Auckward • Since Nov 2006 • 614 posts Report Reply

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