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Hard News: The Bottom is a Magic Place

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  • Steve Barnes,

    I'vr just read "Fran O'Sullivan: Thanks John Howard, the best PM we never had"
    That woman makes me want to PUKE!

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  • Paul Williams,

    Yeah, what a shame the Aussie media can't be voted out of office - or at least required to undergo remedial journalism training. I can only imagine what the coverage would have been like if a fraction of the resources and energy spent on polls, and poll-driven punditry had been expended on... say, some actual skeptical analysis of the 60 billion plus in new spending promises from Labour and the Coalition, coupled with a deficit of actual policy.

    This is fair comment Craig. The stories have tended to focus primarily on polls in lieu of issues - the lack of scrutiny applies across the political divide however.

    Living here, I've been able to read a little more than has been available online and also listen/watch to ABC (apparently hopelessly compromised by being full of raving leftwingers in much the way NatRad is in NZ :>) and some of the commentary has been pretty insightful - certainly the AFR's been doing a bit more analysis as have the Bulletin.

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  • Paul Williams,

    __Of course, once the federal government goes Labor, it's likely that the state governments will turn Liberal over the next few years.__

    Don't know about that... the NSW Liberals seemed determined to hand an unpopular and incompetent Labour Government another term by... well, running a campaign so piss-poor I wouldn't trust the people responsible to run a cake stall. Politics is a funny thing - though its often hard to tell whether you talking about funny ha-ha, funny peculiar or some kinky hybrid of the two.

    I agree with Craig's take on the status of the States - can't recall when/which is next (SA, Tassie or WA I think) but unless something dramatic occurs I'd be bloody surprised to see the Libs in charge - they're increasingly dysfunctional and increasingly full of fundamentalist Christians.

    I actually don't want to see Labor get the Senate, I'd far rather the Greens hold the balance of power (sure as hell won't be the Dems)

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  • InternationalObserver,

    Michael Laws on Radio Live this morning said he was changing his opinion on this prosecution as more detail emerged. .... I presume he reserves the right to flip flop again if a white middle class 'family values' type is ever arrested for smacking.

    So it would have been better if he had just stuck to his original opinion despite the new information?!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with people changing their mind -- I'm just a tad cynical of Laws' motives on this occasion. Will he now STFU on the smacking issue, or is this a one-off 'justified prosecution'? Time will tell. (My hackles always go up when talkback hosts 'confide' with their listeners that X was 'known to the Police')

    It's people who won't change their minds, no matter what the evidence or argument, that I find offensive, and frightening.

    Yup, and there's a fair bit of it here on PAS. Nothing malicious, so I'm not really frightened or offended, just bored with some people prattling on for pages about the same point they made on a similar thread at the beginning of the week.

    Still, one man's prattle is another man's spirited debate about issues that really matter.

    Funny how the women seem to be more succinct. Say their piece and move on ...

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  • InternationalObserver,

    Heh heh ... before I get shot down, let me also acknowledge another definition of prattle:

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  • Jackie Clark,

    Don't. Ever. Move.

    Not just one of the 40,000 either. There's five of us going.

    Oh, Deborah. I'm sorry that this is a move that's not of your choice. However, we will look greatly forward to your take on all things Australian. It reminds of me of my friend Sally (wondrous Wellington Jewish Mama she) who, for her sins, married a doctor. Part of his learning to doctor was all these moves every 6 months, one to Portland in Oregon. They were there for a year, and I really wish I had kept her emails. They were a funny, fascinating look at another culture. Thankfully, they have been ensconsed in Berhampore for the last few years, so she's a happy camper. I hope it all goes well for you there - Adelaide is supposed to be very beautiful and at least you'll have great wine to drink and lovely food!

    Mt Eden, Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 3136 posts Report

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