Hard News by Russell Brown

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Hard News: Everybody's vogueing on the media dancefloor

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  • Morgan Nichol,

    Morgan that is some funny sh1t. Nice to see Grafton looking so good.(I lived there for nearly a decade and never knowingly had the pleasure of falling off the planet into your world).

    Heh, cheers. :)

    As for Win2000, well, I've got some pills here for you. ;-)

    Well what can I say, I haven't actually used it for years, but it was great stuff back in the day. Miles better than Windows 98 or ME, and it kicked the arse right off OS9.

    Auckland CBD • Since Nov 2006 • 314 posts Report

  • Mark Harris,

    Small sticks could kick the ares off OS9. I'm pleased to say I didn't come to know the joy of Mac until OSX (10.3.9 to be precise) which is to OS9 as XP is to 3.x.

    I went onto 2000 from NT4 (changed jobs) and thought it was more stable, but XP was so much better I'd take my lappie into work and use that or the G4 under my desk, rather than fight the anally locked down 2000 corporate box.

    Waikanae • Since Jul 2008 • 1343 posts Report

  • jon_knox,

    Mark wrote:

    beep, beep jabber, OS9. peep tweet, beep, jabber Mac until OSX (10.3.9 to be precise) which is to OS9 as XP is to 3.x.

    Whoa.. slow down there dude...what's that you're talking Klingon on something? ;o)

    Belgium • Since Nov 2006 • 464 posts Report

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