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Hard News: Earning Confidence

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  • tussock,

    C'mon give me a break.

    What do you want? Another last chance? A story about how this is just a distraction for the Monday papers so people aren't talking about ... what?

    Good on Judith Collins for stepping down in the face of serious allegations of abusing her position. Or the people who answered the polls that said it was time, and also a good thing for everyone's office gossip next week, however it works at National.

    Poor them, the victim of a smear campaign of all things. Nice of that young Mr. Slater to keep all those emails for so many years though, all those screenshots of conversations, about all the smear campaigns, all that power he held over so many very powerful people's heads for fear he might leak it ... and then someone goes and does it for him while he's not even here to gloat. It's all so tragic. Or comedic. Either way, really.

    Since Nov 2006 • 610 posts Report Reply

  • Sofie Bribiesca,

    Key is opening the door for Crushed already should she come out smelling like shit. I suspect the average voter wont be happy about that. I'd like to think most haven't got Alzheimers yet. No one has taken any responsibility for any thing and still Hager gets the blame. Unfuckingbelievable !

    here and there. • Since Nov 2007 • 6796 posts Report Reply

  • Steve Parks, in reply to James George,

    The whole thing is ridiculous. Key refused to sack Collins for several acts of corrupt behaviour that had her dabs all over em, but he flicks her for an issue where she is involved 3rd hand & circumspectly?
    C’mon give me a break.

    It’s not like this hasn’t been suggested by several commentators already. Even Patrick Gower is essentially saying this.

    ("Right wing jack up" I think he called it.)

    Wellington • Since May 2007 • 1164 posts Report Reply

  • Sofie Bribiesca, in reply to Steve Parks,

    Even Patrick Gower is essentially saying this.

    Tell you what tho', I find it's disgusting (after watching a Puk Henry ad with an interview with Colin Craig) that the smaller Parties have to accept an opportunity for airtime by being interviewed by that disgusting man. How insulting to suggest he will shake Colin Craig's hand because it may be the last time he ever sees him. I don't like any policies the strange person has but he should be able to enter the Election without bloody presenter bias. That's just cruel.

    here and there. • Since Nov 2007 • 6796 posts Report Reply

  • James George,

    It is moderately interesting to speculate on Peters' role in this. He sent a very clear message last week that Key had to choose between a government with him in it or one with Collins in it.
    That was the public position anyhow, who knows what else has gone down out of voters' gaze.
    If Peters & Key have jacked something up so NZ First minimise NZ First voter disaffection at joining KeyCorp by kicking off without Collins, that doesn't mean Collins is gone for good.
    Once the coalition deal has been done NZ First won't have much leverage. Peters learned the hard way during the Bolger/Shipley coalition that walking out the door will cost him defectors who are nice and comfy in the government 'paddock'.
    The Ron Mark renewal indicates that Peters is aware of this as Mark stood by Peters right through that lesson on the corruption of power.
    Mark only would have come back to NZ First if his data tells him that they have a strong chance of being well over 5% and Peters likely promised him the succession as well.

    Anyone who believes as I do that Aotearoa will be irretrievably wrecked by another KeyCorp term needs to work a lot harder and lot smarter to have any chance of preventing it.
    It doesn't require sinking to the gutter level of Key and his cronies but it does mean that anyone who lives close to the machine and is serious about preventing Key has to forgo all other priorities, especially the ABC mob but also any other factions of any other unTory political movements who have wasted time and resources playing silly games against those they need to be working with.

    Yeah yeah NZ Labour Party factionalism is all a tory myth lol.
    This vote isn't lost - yet - but I don't see any evidence of untory political advisors using creative or critical thinking.

    The US dems wasted years whining about Karl Rove before a few new guns woke up and realised that not reacting every time he went negative, nasty, nefarious or all three, meant that they stopped looking like losers at every turn, most of all they also ceased telegraphing their punches - making it possible to out-manoeuvre that ugly waste of space.

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