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  • Vashti T,

    Poor Tze Ming Mok... I didn't have facebook when my relationship dissolved in a nuclear like meltdown, thank goodness. I think, by the way, Facebook has chatting applications so you can chat instantly (with all your friends' hot friends!!) Why don't you just install chat? Or do you not have weeks of holidays like me where you just hang out on the web annoying people who are working? No, I guess not.

    Auckland • Since Jul 2007 • 3 posts Report Reply

  • Wilco,

    I'm in ur fazebuk lookin at ur hot frendz...

    Melbourne • Since May 2007 • 1 posts Report Reply

  • Sam F,

    Just in case people didn't spot it before: here's an essay by danah boyd which looks mainly at the Facebook Feed, but also lots of other interesting little issues around social networking sites. Worth a (re)read.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 1611 posts Report Reply

  • Scott Hindmarsh,

    >for a 45c stamp and posting it?

    50cent. Your losing touch man...

    Welli-Wood • Since Jan 2007 • 5 posts Report Reply

  • InternationalObserver,

    Facebook. I joined up, but I have no friends. Then I realised that I had mistakenly checked the box marked Interested in Men. So I ammended that. And now I still have no friends.

    Since Jun 2007 • 909 posts Report Reply

  • Damian Christie,

    My friend David notes another odd aspect to the 'news' feed about your friends changes in status and so forth.

    What does it mean when it says, for example, "Keith Ng has removed Virginia Andrews 'Flowers in the Attack' from his favourite books list"? Does it mean he re-read and didn't find it as good as he did the first time, or that he doesn't like the statement it's making about him, or what?

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 1164 posts Report Reply

  • Sue,

    It means he finally found a decent second hand bookshop instead of trawling through the dumpster for something to read.

    i prefer all consuming feeds for what friends are reading rather than face book

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 527 posts Report Reply

  • Vashti T,


    In a spirit of compassion, I used my facebook to send Tze a lovely message of support- ALAS! SHE IS NOT SINGLE!!!!! An administrative error, just like the accidental status comment I made about my head getting stuck up my bottom during bikram yoga- uh, yeah...

    I think though, that Tze could do with some support anyway from you, like, bottles of wine, and probably something harder to drink when all these weirdos from your blog start sending facebook messages and thinking she might be a hot friend they could date...

    Auckland • Since Jul 2007 • 3 posts Report Reply

  • WH,

    When you do or say something stupid on your Facebook page, all of your friends see it pretty much simultaneously. Putting up a photo of a horse as my profile picture seemed like such a good idea at the time.

    Since Nov 2006 • 797 posts Report Reply

  • Scott Common,

    I'm not interested in social networking sites - wouldn't touch a myspace page with someone elses 10 foot barge pole (won't even visit any of my bands myspace pages) - facebrook falls into much the same catagory.

    If my friends want to know how I'm doing they know what my phone number or email address is and can contact me that way.

    Maybe I'm a more private person than others of my age but I have no want for absolute strangers (ie anyone I haven't met in person) to know anything about me.

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 62 posts Report Reply

  • Rebecca Williams,

    things i hate about myspace:

    - that people are able to send me huge, cheesy postcards wishing me a happy day / nice weekend / good life that then sit in my comments box like a large, colourful, totally unwanted christmas present.

    - persistent and attempting-to-be-flattering requests to be added as a friend from desperate Ghanaian men.

    - the crappy ready-to-use background templates that never display properly

    - all the twenty-somethings who call each other dude and themselves jonathan's girlfriend / zelda the gothic / hotchick69

    - the creepily high number of people called rebecca, becks, bex, becky, becki ...

    - endless invites to be friends with yet another crappy band

    - it crashes my mac!

    i'm checking out facebook. today.

    Auckland • Since Mar 2007 • 120 posts Report Reply

  • Josh Addison,

    Quite by chance, I got into Facebook a few weeks before everyone started paying attention to it, so I can now feel all trendy and ahead of the curve. The initial attraction for me was that fact that some friends and family overseas had accounts, which gave me a handy way of seeing what they were up to or saying "hi" with minimal effort -- "you never write me e-mails anymore" can now be countered with "read my Facebook -- it's all there."

    When I first tried out MySpace, my initial reaction was "**this** is the most popular social networking site in the world?" The interface has terrible usability, and isn't much to look at (fortunately, you can customise it so that it looks utterly hideous, which makes those who choose to stick with the default scheme seem much better...) I'm not sure about this MySpace/Facebook class war people seem to be trying to generate -- for me it just seemed that Facebook is MySpace for grownups.

    Onehunga, Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 298 posts Report Reply

  • Rebecca Williams,

    agree with josh. facebook = myspace for grownups. but myspace does suck, and i think it's mainly because of all the graphics heavy backgrounds people use. the servers must be fairly groaning under the weight. all i know is, no other site makes my 'puter need a lie down.

    Auckland • Since Mar 2007 • 120 posts Report Reply

  • Sue,

    here is the thing tho- depite being butt ugly
    people like me who hold events know that pimping yourself through myspace gets people through the doors.

    I rely on Myspace and Now Facebook to get people along to craft2.0.
    i go events purely from hearing about them on myspace and i've purchased music and hired bands through discovering them on myspace.

    and it's all free, unlike traditional media who don't care about us anyway because they think craft is what nana's do.

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 527 posts Report Reply

  • kmont,

    I know what you are saying Sue. I only really go to myspace to check my bulletin board for band/event information cause everything else has gone quiet over there. No-one among my friends blogs there (ugly and kind of teenagerish) and after the inital flurry of video posting/commenting it is really just for discovering music.

    Crafting is def not just for nanas.

    But go nanas.

    wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 485 posts Report Reply

  • George Darroch,

    Once again Danah Boyd is on the ball Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace

    It's an idea that I've been aware of for a while - comments last year highlighted how it very quickly moved from being a site to network with friends, to being one where social identities are constructed.

    WLG • Since Nov 2006 • 2264 posts Report Reply

  • Muriel Lockheed,

    I am proud to say I will never join does nothing for me whatsoever.........................and I want it chiselled on my headstone that I never ever sent a txt in my life!!!

    Wellywood • Since Nov 2006 • 44 posts Report Reply

  • Stafford Lumsden,

    Facebook is sooooooo last week. Now, who's on Pownce? ( Which is apparently the brainchild of Kevin Rose (founder of It has all the same "social networking" features of Facebook - messages, profiles etc etc. But it's big big big BIG draw is the ability to use it to share files. (Heehee!)
    Plus it has the exclusivity of being a closed beta, which will drive all you invitation whores wild...yes I have a few invitations left!

    South Korea • Since Nov 2006 • 17 posts Report Reply

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