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Access: The long road to real space

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  • mpledger,

    Menz Shed? A lot of older guys happy to pass on their skills. It's probably more structural than what he's looking for but everything needs a base. And possibly the noise might be too much - sawing/routing.

    At our local college there are after hours classes such as wood work/wood carving - I'm sure there are many more offerings in Auckland. It's a good way to see what you like.

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  • steven crawford,


    I spent time with this interesting dude, Martin. We worked on bench saws and stuff, in a community workshop. And also at demolition sights where he was expert at lifting floor boards without damaging them.

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  • steven crawford,

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  • tussock,

    Any sources for this Autism plus ADHD thing? Google seems a bit vague. All I can find is it's about 30% prevalence of ADHD with Autism, and it could be the root cause of most of the Anxiety/Depression cycles which are otherwise hard to treat in Autistic folk.

    Which is, you know, seems familiar. Also, the ADHD part, and thus the Anxiety/Depression cycle, can basically be medicated away. I guess there's better places to ask, but yeah, on my mind lately.

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  • linger, in reply to tussock,

    There’s an overlap between autism spectrum and ADHD in the experience of sensory overload, so some association should be expected, though that doesn’t necessarily mean they share any direct cause. (E.g., if both conditions put stress on the same systems, then having one condition makes it harder to compensate for the other, and each would be more likely to be diagnosed when occurring together.) Overload is also one obvious cause of anxiety, so that’s another expected association.

    Some association with introversion might also be expected (because introversion is largely an expression of high stimulus sensitivity), which fits the popular stereotype of autism; but I’m not aware if any association has actually been shown between introversion and ADHD.

    [Standard caveat applies: individuals may vary.]

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