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Rise of the Censor Bots Parts 1 and 2

by James Rae Brown

You may have noticed that I haven't posted much on Public Address lately – that's because I've just started a big, cool project that has been taking me away from my desk. On top of that, I have an interesting but very technical and somewhat overdue feature story to finish. (That's also why I may not have answeerd your email.)

But happily, we are something of a content-creation household, and when I arrived back from travelling on Monday night, my son Jim asked me if I'd noticed that he had posted a couple of new YouTube videos. So I had a look and they're smart and funny. Fuckin' funny, even.

Jim says: "This is an idea I got when YouTube started demonetising videos on the site that weren't 'advertiser friendly'. I've decided to make comedy out of it."

Enjoy. Cheers, Russell.


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