Radiation by Fiona Rae

The wood, she is dead

Thanks to everyone who knew about adding time onto PVR recordings so as not to miss the end of the show. Call me old-fashioned, but I still think it shouldn’t happen, but whaddareya goin’ do? And now a couple of public service announcements.

I’ve had a couple of queries about Deadwood’s third season – unfortunately its last – and I’m pleased, sort-of, to pass on that it is returning on August 2, but on Sky Movies 1. Sky is showing season two at the moment (on Wednesdays), if you want to catch up and says that season three will screen on Prime “later in the year”. So bummer if you don’t get Sky Movies, which I don’t. Apparently, David Milch will get the finale he wants for the series after it was cancelled. (Don't read the end of this story as it contains Sopranos spoilers.)
Deadwood starts on June 11 in the US in case you’re interested, although I can't think of why you would be, unless it's something to do with the death of television.

Also, Big Love, which is the Bill Paxton/Harry Dean Stanton-starring series on HBO about a polygamist and his wives. TV2 has bought this, and says it will have a mid-year launch in the next couple of months. Hurrah! This has been getting good reviews and Bill’s wives are Chloë Sevigny, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin. Holy crap.

Plus, news about The. Best. Cop show. Ever. The Wire. Third season will play “in July”, says TV2, late, of course. Graeme also points out that season two is now available on DVD. Season four is in production as we speak.

Sorry, Shameless fans (and really, who isn’t?), Prime has no idea about the next season.

More news as it comes to hand.

Sarah has sent a link to the very lovely Jane Espenson’s website. Jane was responsible for some of the funniest Buffy episodes (also Gilmore Girls, Firefly, Angel, The OC … wow) and is a working Hollywood scriptwriter. She was writing for Jake in Progress, but that’s been cancelled. According to the website, she’s now writing an episode of Battlestar Galactica and is under a development deal with NBC/Universal. She offers real interesting insights into what it’s like writing in Hollywood, as well as the actual process and procedures of scriptwriting. Plus, she has nice lunches.

Lastly, the Letterman list:

Friday, June 9: Actress Kyra Sedgwick; comedian/radio show host Al Franken
Monday, June 12: News anchor Meredith Vieira; actor Jeremy Piven; musical guests My Morning Jacket
Tuesday, June 13: Actor Michael Keaton; musical guests Wolfmother
Wednesday, June 14: Paris Hilton
Thursday, June 15: Journalist Tim Russert; musical guest Cat Power
Friday, June 16: Television show host Stephen Colbert; musical guest Neko Case
Monday, June 19: Actress Sandra Bullock; musical guests Widespread Panic
Tuesday, June 20: Actor Robert Duvall; comedian Tommy Tiernan; musical guests Sonic Youth
Wednesday, June 21: Actor Adam Sandler; Julie Chen, host of CBS’ Big Brother
Thursday, June 22: Nicole Richie; actor Brandon Routh
Friday, June 23: Actress Amy Sedaris; musical guests Morningwood