Radiation by Fiona Rae

The Cuteness

Just as Keanu Reeves is The Coolness and Dominic Bowden is The Domness, Sarah Ulmer is – ask any straight man you know – The Cuteness. All over New Zealand, whenever TC’s well fit personage appears on telly, there are guys chorusing in unison: “God she’s cute.” It’s a known fact.

And you know what? You just can’t argue. You might get slightly sick of it, but dammit, she just is. And respect due to her as well for politely telling Sunday’s interviewer to get lost when she asked about Sarah and her boyfriend/trainer’s relationship. Has she ever eaten a McDonald’s burger though?

Alias finished last week, not that anyone noticed. We’re well behind the US, season three just finished there, and season four has been ordered. Television Without Pity has the funniest recaps – and see where all that obsessive snarkiness and rum drinking gets you? A gig on the DVDs, doing commentary for the season three opener.

A desperate Radiation reader wonders if anyone has a tape of The Secret Life of Us from last week – that’s June 1 – and would be willing to share. Contact me in confidence, your details are safe in my large and capable hands. Sorry this has taken so long, I’ve been (gasp!) working in an office, which makes me feel thoroughly disconnected from the world. No radio, no time for internet fun, no nicking off for a game of tennis. Not as disconnected as I felt after seeing Elephant on the weekend though.

Also, very sorry for the Mark Burnett story link that had a Survivor spoiler. D’oh! It didn’t even register to be honest because, as you know, I hate that shit. However, should you actually like that shit, you’ll be happy to hear that TV3 has a three-hour long finale scheduled in a couple of week’s time.

Is anyone else on the edge of their seat watching State of Play? It’s fantastically unpredictable. I think I’m slightly in love with John Simm, but nevertheless, what a script: “It’s not a story, it’s a case,” said the top copper to Simm’s Cal this week. And there it is: the difference between the press and the police right there. And Bill Nighy’s great as the editor; he was again the best thing in that other pile of doggy doo I rented, Underworld. Another senseless waste of eight bucks. I mean, I like a good gothic horror vampire fantasy as much as the next gal, but really. I think I’m suffering from Poor DVD Choice Syndrome. Speaking of gothic vampire fantasy etc, here’s another writer who’s Found Buffy. Heh. If you want to be truly fangeeky, here’s the academic bastion of all that is Buffy, slayage.tv.

Sarah has the full-on warm fuzzies for Eating Media Lunch:

Of course TVNZ has been inundated by complaints about Eating Media Lunch’s killing of the mock-Shrek sheep on camera. It was funny. It was clever. It was biting satire at its best. And it obviously wasn't the real Shrek. Reminiscent of the fantastic Simpsons episode in which Lisa went on the class trip to the abattoir, I found it no more gory or violent than any random episode of Nip/Tuck. Not only did EML’s segment take the piss out of the endless coverage of that damn sheep, it also showed meat eaters where that tasty flesh really comes from and delivered a nice little dig about the fleeting nature of television celebrity. Is Paul Casserly the cleverest TV writer in NZ today?

Ah yes, I was glad to see Shrek getting his chips. I’d be glad to see Shrek with chips. And Celebrity Dog Bum Stare is goer, surely. Maybe something for Touchdown? Matt Nippert also has this to say about EML.

According to the promo for State of the Nation, it’s a debate that we need to have; funny though, I thought the Kiwi way was to ignore something until it went away. I’m looking forward to it. No, really.