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Can anyone confirm that during the week, TV3 led a news bulletin with Paris Hilton getting out of jail? Great stuff. Fantastic. Three will definitely be securing the vital teen bimbo market to whom this news actually means something, although by the end of the week newsreaders on both sides were asking the “Do we care?” question and TV1 was putting the item well down in the bulletin, where it should be.

Good things are being written about David Milch’s new drama, John from Cincinnati, which may be worth contacting your friends in America about. Here’s Salon’s Heather Havrilesky; EW liked it too.

Sorry I missed last night’s telly; here’s Kathryn Flett’s review of Archangel, a pre-Bond Daniel Craig drama that screened last night – no spoilers now! Last night’s drama Dead Clever starred the lovely Dean Lennox Kelly from Shameless; here’s a nice wee story about his taste in music and an interview about playing Shakespeare in Doctor Who.

And – omigod – Jose at bFM interviewed Joss Whedon this week.

• An occasional series of new Jane Austen adaptations begins on TV1, starting with Mansfield Park, starring Billie Piper’s bosom, according to Kathryn Flett in the Guardian.
• Simon Schama (TV1) does Bernini.
Top Gear’s back on Prime, featuring the return of the Hamster.
Wonderfalls ep “Safety Canary” is on Sky 1. I like Wonderfalls.

Here’s a little taste of what Ultimate Force (TV1) is like, plus a Guardian sports guy is funny about programmes with “ultimate” in the title.
• It’s the David Bowie episode of Extras (Prime); here’s a YouTube excerpt if you can’t wait.
• Film-maker Sima Urale will be interviewed after her short film O Tamaiti on Maori Television.
Wimbledon at midnight, Sky Sport 2.

• It’s House’s penultimate episode.
• The Battlestar Galactica (TV3) ep is “Home (Part 1)”; here’s a detailed synopsis (read after viewing), plus a commentary by Ron Moore.

• Omigod, it’s the final of Lost. Doc Jensen’s head nearly exploded; Heather Havrilesky said “meh”.
• Do we care about Nip/Tuck? TVNZ is bringing it back in the middle of season three. Gillian Flynn in EW gave it a D+ for season three, EW readers gave it an A.
Law & Order (TV3) returns, although its future was in doubt earlier this year. Jeremy Sisto is joining it for its 18th season, must be after he was so good in Kidnapped. We’re up to season 15.

• Al Pacino is on Inside the Actors Studio (Rialto).

• Omigod, it’s the return of Project Runway!! Here’s a wee rundown of season two, including a where-are-they-now for season one designers. Unlike most reality contests, some of these people are doing okay for themselves.
The Starter Wife (TV3) is a bit like Sex and the City, apparently.
What About Brian (TV2) is slightly annoying, although everyone is pretty.

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