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Running with scissors

How did Live Earth work out for ya? I saw the Porn Stars, sorry, the Pussycat Dolls bring a touch of class to Wembley Stadium, although it’s a shame they couldn’t find some other clothes after someone had a go at theirs with scissors. They weren’t so much clothes as ideas. I dunno. Am I missing something here?

Wembley looked a lot more fun than New York – good old the British, always up for it. I wished they’d had some of those mouthy women they’ve been producing lately, like Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse. Instead it was a LOT of worthy messages, especially Madonna, although she killed on “Ray of Light”.

The scales of patheticness are tilting and I’ve missed Saturday again, and most of Sunday too, but there are a couple of good things coming up this week:

• They’ve modernised Dracula (TV1) with the guy from Spooks; Kathryn Flett in the Guardian quite liked it.
• Simon Schama (TV1) does Turner.
• <A HREF="http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/hitch/Hitch" target="_blank"> (TV2) is something of a guilty pleasure.
• It’s the final of My Name Is Earl (TV3).
• Season three of Numb3rs starts on TV3.
• C4 is screening This Is Spinal Tap.
Malcolm X is on Maori.
Cowboy Del Amor looks like fun on the Documentary Channel.

• New series of Facelift starts on TV1.
Rescue Me returns on TV1 with the final episode of season two. Go figure.
• Actress Jane Fonda, author Tom Ruprecht and musical guest Kelly Clarkson are on Letterman.

• Lucy Liu is on Ugly Betty.
• It’s the final of House (TV3); here’s a cute A-Z.
• Also the final of Boston Legal (TV3); The Apprentice (TV2); and Hyperdrive and <Two Pints of Lager on Prime.
• Actress Teri Hatcher, actor Jonah Hill and musical guests Elvis Costello & The Imposters are on Letterman

Primeval debuts on TV2; described in this item by my new hero Charlie Brooker as a genuine competition for Doctor Who. Also, Wikipedia for Primeval and Doctor Who and Primeval writer Paul Cornell has an interesting blog.
• Actor Don Cheadle, a “summer toy demonstration” and musical guests Smashing Pumpkins are on Letterman.

Without a Paddle (TV3) is mostly harmless and it does star Seth Green. Plus, you can amuse yourself with the New Zealand locations.
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (Rialto) gets a – goodness – 10 from Philip; it's 97 percent fresh at Rotten Tomatoes.
• Actress Sienna Miller, actor Michael Cera and musical guests Interpol are on Letterman.

The O.C. (TV2) burned brief but exceptionally bright, according to Salon, although EW’s Annie Barrett lists 10 things she’ll miss. The fourth, and lamest, season is underway laate at night.
• Actress Emma Watson and musical guests Spoon are on Letterman.
• The excellent and ambitious Brick is on Rialto; Brokeback Mountain is on Sky Movies.

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