Radiation by Fiona Rae

Please, please, please

Here at Radiation, we aim to please. We even like to please. We’re very pleasing. That’s why we’re, well, pleased to know that someone in the Sky – offices that is – reads Radiation and then things get done.

Lindsay, who had been having trouble with his decoder switching over to a sort-of Sky spam during the night, sends this update:

It seems that you can count some Sky management among your readership.

Whilst my second complaint direct to Sky was ignored, your publishing of my comments resulted in a Sky executive calling me today to say they had read my comments in your blog, and believe I have a faulty decoder. They are replacing my decoder forthwith.

What can I say? Thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys. We aim to please. But, just a teensy comment: did it really take a blog – albeit a fabulous and insightful one – for something to happen? Ah well, let’s not be ungrateful.

Meanwhile, Anthony Timpson writes:

Can someone explain to them [Sky] that DVD recorders are coming down in price and will soon be in thousands of homes, most probably ones that can afford Sky.

Is it too much to ask them to think about a TiVo style service where the hard disk recorders can record multiple sky channels at once? Where the smart recorders can keep track of all the junk we need to keep on file before burning to DVD. ie Insomniac and Travel Sick.

I for one would gladly pay a small fee for a listing/programming service. I mean it's all there waiting for them, they already have the means to do it (listing service, phone line connection etc). Or can you do this already without paying for it?

I called Sky and got the following from someone called a Team Leader who said “no, we will never be doing that”.

Um, that must be a first. Sky turning down a way to make more money.

Yes, while the Yanks are happily TiVo-ing Janet Jackson’s bazomba for all they’re worth, you have to be very geeky to do the TiVo thing in New Zild. Paul Brislen’s story points out that Sky doesn’t allow TiVo users to download programme info and will not be moving into the PVR market for another 12 months. However, Sky’s CEO, John Fellet, talked about options for new decoders in August at a news conference, one of which could be a PVR. Surely they’ll be selling recordable hard drive DVDs in supermarkets by then though – it could be too late.

Good news everyone, The Datsuns are going where the D4 have been before and are down to appear on Letterman on September 24 (next Friday). The rest of the list goes:
Sep 17: Jada Pinkett Smith and Jessica Simpson
Monday 20: Tom Cruise, Dax Shephard
Tuesday 21: Bill Clinton, Natalie Merchant
Wednesday 22: Zach Braff, Cary Brothers
Thursday 23: Linda Cardellini, Peter Cinicotti
Friday 24: Sara Rue, Franklin Ajaye and Cambridge’s finest, The Datsuns.

Saw a showreel of bro’Town last week, which was funny and cool, I’m looking forward to seeing an entire episode this week. At the launch at the Grey Lynn Bowling Club, I talked with a couple of people from sponsor Master Foods, although don’t expect to see “Brought to you by …” on screen – the characters in bro’Town will actually eat certain products, or they’ll be in the pantry etc. Possibly not the first time there’s been product placement on a local drama/comedy show – Phoenix drinks seem to be quite popular on Shortland Street. Do we care? I don’t think so. It costs a lot to make TV drama, and animation is really expensive.

Speaking of which, local drama is really thin on the ground at the moment, although there are things in the works, including a TV3 series. Onfilm reports that NZ On Air is planning to spend $19 million on drama in 2004/05 (yay), but I guess we won’t see the results until 2006 (boo). Sigh, gone are the halcyon days when there was Mercy Peak, Street Legal and The Strip across the free-to-airs all in one week.

Onfilm also has interviews with the makers of Colin McCahon: I AM, which screens tomorrow night. It’s real good.

In late news, here's tomorrow's list for Hum, that jolly fine little music video show which plays late on Saturday nights:

Badly Drawn Boy "Year of the Rat"
Steve Burns "Mighty Little Man"
Loretta Lynn "Miss Being Mrs"
Steve Earle "Transcendental Blues"
The Bads "Off The Rails" (NZ)
Gasoline Cowboy "I Hear You Call My Name" (NZ)
Pine "See Saw" (NZ)
Strawpeople "No One Like You" (NZ)
Rhian Sheehan "Boundaries" (NZ)
Dresden Dolls "Girl Anachronism"
Patti Smith "People Have The Power"