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New season

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Welcome to the world’s worst television blog. A load of bloggery bollocks you might say. Actually, I’ve only just now managed to crawl out from under the sheer, crushing weight of the new season TV shows. Life, Grey’s, Pushing Daisies, Bionic Woman, House, Lost, Dirty Sexy Money. Not to mention the fab new shows that friends in England are sending over: Torchwood, Primeval, Ashes to Ashes. I am so earning these bags right now.

At least one of these shows won’t be around much longer: Bionic Woman has leapt off her last tall building, but Joss Whedon is cooking up a new supergirl in his lab that will look a lot like Eliza Dushku. Here’s the pre-strike E! channel story and interview; plus, there’s already a website. In other frakking fantastic news, Battlestar Galactica is back on air April 4. Advance publicity includes this frakking fantastic Last Supper. Six is Jesus!

Folks, I’ve interviewed Zach Levi from Chuck, which should start here in June. He was in the country visiting his best friend who’s working on Avatar in Wellington and was happy to do publicity. He was open, charming and clearly loving his life. But is he Mac or PC? Well, Mac for computers, PC for video games. The interview, in one form or other, should turn up in the Listener nearer the time.

Speaking of brands, Salon’s Jeff Yang thinks that if Obama was a brand he would be (what else?) Mac and Nike. Hillary? Microsoft and Martha Stewart Living. Of course.

Have you caught up with the whole Sarah Silverman-fucking-Matt Damon thing yet? Here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s response, but, y’know, is it laughing at gays? Enquiring minds need to know! Entertainment Weekly has an interesting story, offline unfortunately, postulating that reality TV shows have played a big part in gay acceptance in the US because there’s a whole generation of kids who grew up seeing real gay people on shows like The Real World, The Amazing Race and, lately, Project Runway. The latest is Make Me a Supermodel in which a gay guy called Ronnie is enamored with his straight, married roommate, Ben, and Ben doesn’t mind at all. The story points out that in a recent poll, the majority of college freshmen approve of gay marriage, and that it has not been an issue in the presidential primaries. Hurrah!

Letterman list:
Wednesday, March 5: Actress Kate Hudson, animal expert Jack Hanna
Thursday, March 6: Actor Colin Farrell, actress Blake Lively, musical guest Lenny Kravitz
Friday, March 7: Radio show host Howard Stern, musical guest Ayo
Monday, March 10: Actor Denzel Washington, comedian Don Rickles
Tuesday, March 11: Actor Tom Hanks, Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee
Wednesday, March 12: Actor Jim Carrey; singer/reality show judge Paula Abdul
Thursday, March 13: Musical guest Snoop Dogg
Friday, March 14: Actress Charlize Theron, comedian Lewis Black, musical guests British Sea Power
Monday, March 17: Actress Kate Beckinsale
Tuesday, March 18: Actress Jaime Pressly, comedian Brian Regan

PS: Season four of The Wire starts on March 10 at 12.25am on a Monday night. WTF?
PPS: I must have missed something somewhere, but where have John Campbell's ties gone?

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