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Making a list

A list forms in my head every weekend that goes roughly like this: Gosh the living room is a mess and that bathroom won’t clean itself and if the weather’s nice I’ll get into the garden and I’m so unfit I should go for a walk and mmm croissants and coffee for breakfast and maybe the kids would like to go to the pool and I should try to watch some of that stuff stacking up on the PVR and are there any good movies on and the car needs a wash and I’ve got to got to write a blog.

I know blogging is about life and everything, but life has a habit of getting in the way of blogging, especially those links-heavy blogs I’ve been writing lately which actually take quite a while to assemble. So no links today, just some random thoughts.

Like about Californication. Cali-forni-cation. CaliFORNICATION. Those first episodes really wanted to get a reaction and Family First obliged of course. Funny how David Duchovny’s character, Hank Moody, has now changed from Hound Dog to Defender of Women. Thursday, he was defending his girlfriend’s honour, punching a guy who’d insulted his ex-wife and having cutsey, sweet moments with his daughter. Given that he’s already asked in a blog, ‘Why is this town so intent on destroying its female population?’ could it be that Californication has more of a feminist agenda, no doubt equally abhorrent to Family First, than we thought? Hmm, discuss.

Word on the street, well, okay, a press release I was sent, is that the Shortland Street serial killer will become known to us in the final week this year, but will not be apprehended, leaving him, or her, to stalk the Street next year. I have visions of panto-like shouting from the couch, ‘Don’t go on a date with him, Tania!’ and ‘Alice! He’s behind you!’. I’ve got no frakking idea who it is. There have been so many red herrings and everyone’s been under suspicion that I’m surprised Lara Wade hasn’t dragged in Yvonne’s cat for questioning. If she had one, that is.

Finally, totally loving Love My Way which actually made me shed a little tear the other week. It’s The Secret Life of Us in their thirties and was made for Foxtel in Australia, rather than a network. Also, who's downloaded Battlestar Galactica Razor? Go on, admit it, and how cool were those old-school cylons?

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