Radiation by Fiona Rae

It's a bust

As you may have noticed (or probably not, that’s the beauty of the thing) I’ve been trying for the worst blogger ever award but, like most things these days, it’s a bust. Ah well. I have excuses.

So many things have happened in my absence: what may have been Shortland Street’s first blow-job (that’s the great thing about the My Sky PVR – you can rewind to check); Orange Roughies went back to the land of the bad cop shows; Sugar Shack went back to the land of the bad … uh, what was that?; Freeview arrived and was mistaken for HDTV; Big Love and The Sopranos started (but shit, TV3, where is Battlestar Galactica?); and the best cop show on television is screening at midnight on Tuesdays. Situation normal then.

So what do we think of Big Love? It’s actually giving me the creeps, which is probably what it’s supposed to be doing. I just want to shake those nitwit women and run a mile when Harry Dean Stanton hoves into view in his Hummer. He’s like Tony Soprano but with psychological abuse. Uk. It all looks so cloying and suburban too, which is what I’m guessing Weeds will look like, albeit in a more Wisteria Lane sort of way. Starts August 16 on Prime and I’m hoping it will make up for the loss of my new favourite programme, which finals on Monday, Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t quite believe I’ve been suckered into it, but there I am, tissues ready. Yes, I know Ellen Pompeo is a stick figure with boobs, I know the voiceovers are prone to talking about “damage” and “sacrifice” (oh, please), but I really like the way the characters’ actions aren’t always spelt out in crayon. They are also very pretty, especially this guy. The scriptwriting bar in the US is so high nowadays, why aren’t there any British dramas not involving Tardises (Tardi?) that are this much fun or even insightful? We’ll just have to wait for Life on Mars I guess, and Shameless.

My other new favourite show, I’m surprised to say, is the train wreck that is Rock Star: Supernova. It’s funny how they’re all, y’know, rockers, man, but are so groomed. Especially Dave Navarro. Especially Dave Navarro’s eyebrows. And Tommy Lee’s teeth. Dilana so rocks, but Lukas and Magni are contenders. The rest should walk right now. But enough of that. Sarah points out this open letter to MTV (launches here 18 August with a gig in Aotea Square featuring Savage and Aaradhna) on the occasion of its 25th birthday. Also, if you’re lucky enough to be watching season three of Deadwood on Sky Movies 1 (it will screen on Prime in October), here’s Heather Havrilesky’s view on Salon. Warning: spoilers (not many), but she is so right about Swearengen. Ian McShane will never have another part like it.

Shortie’s been so funny lately. Some hi-laarious exchanges between the Jeffries sisters and I’m really enjoying Fleur Revell as the tactless, head-up-her-butt Libby. James Griffin said in an interview once that Shortland Street always works best with a mix of comedy and drama, which it has perfectly right now. Andy Anderson is soon to appear as a lounge singer with the hots for Yvonne. Nice.

Apparently, Gordon Ramsey is not that effing tough, and some of you with be enthusiastic about this news.