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It had a dog

Really trying not to see anything on the interweb that will spoil the end of The Sopranos, but if you have friends in America (loving that expression), here’s Salon’s Heather Havrilesky. Is it an irony that TV1 starts screening The Sopranos just as it is ending in the US? Maybe, but I love that sequence in last night’s episode with Christopher out of it at the fair. It was beautiful, awful, pathetic and sad all at once and it had a dog. TVNZ has been heavily advertising The Sopranos, which shows commitment, and I hope it finds a good home on TV1.

There’s definitely an air of something going right at the state broadcaster, ratings for the news and Close Up are up, the schedules are stable and they’re not firing as many journos as they said they would (although cold comfort, I’m sure, for those who lost their jobs). The 6 o’clock news is alarmingly straightforward, although still don’t know why we need a live cross to Tim Wilson in the US to discuss Paris Hilton.

But do you think there’s at least one person at TVNZ with a teensy bit of regret about not giving Flight of the Conchords their own show? Their HBO show starts June 17, here’s an ew.com interview and a Salon one too (“hilarious” says the writer). The show has been bought by Prime.

So my worst nightmare has come true while Russell is away: the internet’s gone funny. Plus, no email, so anyone taking Russell up on his suggestion to contact me for his gmail address – well, you can try. I’ve tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and the 12-year-old genius unplugged something and plugged it back in as well, but to no avail. Wah! I feel like I’m in that cartoon where the woman pathetically waits for a man to come and change her car tyre, although ironically, I can change a car tyre in a pinch, just can’t fix an internet connection. You never quite know whether, like when the theme to Shortland Street was sung by one of the Yandall Sisters, is it me or is it you? Is it some technical doo-dah that I could fiddle with, or is it at the other end?

[Update: internet and email working Saturday morning. Appointments missed: one; unsolicited emails: four; vital information about Victoria's Secret bra sale: one.]

Saturday 16/6
Here’s a YouTube clip of Perfect Parents on TV1, Christopher Eccleston’s first drama after Doctor Who, although I think it might have been swapped with Walk Away and I Stumble on Sunday night.
Abouna on Maori gets a nine from Philip Matthews; the 1967 thriller starring Audrey Hepburn, Wait Until Dark on TV1 gets an eight.

Sunday 17/6
Sunday (TV1) has stories about herbal remedies, stuttering and a woman growing her own veggies. Imagine.
Simon Schama (TV1) does Van Gogh.
In Search of Shakespeare on the Documentary Channel had good reviews, from memory.
Only five more episodes left of Gilmore Girls (TV2), Grant Lee Phillips is in this ep. There’s talk of a movie

Monday 18/6
New seasons of Criminal Intent and Medium on TV3. Must … stay … awake …
A Matariki special on Maori TV.
John Cusack and musical guests Pink Martini are on Letterman.

Tuesday 19/6
Hooray! Ugly Betty returns on TV2.
Some sort of family crisis for Wilson on tonight’s House
Michael Moore and comedian Bill Burr are on Letterman.
An excellent short film, Dead Letters, is screening on Rialto at 8.10pm.
Needing a Nathan Fillion fix? Slither is on Sky Movies 2.

Wednesday 20/6
Read this after tonight’s episode of Lost; also this if you have a spare half-hour.
Go back to a time when Katie Holmes was actually cool by taping Dawson’s Creek on TV2, 3.25am.
Dead Like Me starts again on Prime.
Shameless is on UKTV.
Mike Myers and America Ferrara are on Letterman.

Thursday 21/6
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip starts on TV2.
Hugh Laurie OBE is on Inside the Actors Studio.
Animal expert Jack Hanna, Katherine Heigl, Patty Griffin and a Top Ten List presented by Christina Aguilera are on Letterman.

Friday 22/6
It’s the last National Bank Cup netball game (TV1) before the new trans-Tasman league next year.
Footballers’ Wives starts on TV1 – series five.
Matt Damon, 2007 Indianapolis 500 winner Dario Franchetti and musical guests Bright Eyes are on Letterman.
Death Metal Murders on Documentary could be interesting, or it could be the work of the devil.

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