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Desperate Heroes

One word: Heeeerrrrroooeeesss! Which starts tonight. Although the first episode might suffer a little from Desperate Housewives’ disease, in that it has to do quite a bit of setting up plot again, after nearly all the loose ends were tied up at the end of season one. Hopefully it won’t go down the Housewives’ second season path, which was widely agreed to be a shitter. And having seen the pilot, I can say that it is a little like the writers sat around and said, “What’s the most bizarre thing we can do to Peter Petrelli? I know, let’s make him join … “ Well, you’ll see.

Meanwhile, here’s some vid of Kristen Bell talking about how she got to join Heroes. And speaking of Desperate Housewives, finally a reason to watch again.

• Read the Television Without Pity recap after watching Heroes (TV3).
• Richard Dawkins would really, really hate Saving Grace (TV3); it’s a kind-of Touched by a Really Annoying Angel and they overdo the “she’s a sinner” thing too. But it’s Holly Hunter, for god’s sake. New York Magazine loved it, B- from EW.
• The Robert Capa documentary on Documentary Channel (8.00pm) is really good.
• It’s the Bowie episode of Flight of the Conchords (Prime).

Who Wants to Be a Superhero? starts on C4. If you don’t mind knowing who won, check out the Sci Fi website. Also Wikipedia gives it away too. Damn you, internet!
The Celebration (Rialto) got a nine from Philip in the Listener.
• Actress Amanda Peet, actor Patrick Warburton and comedian Jeff Caldwell on Letterman.

Pop Goes the Weasel has Joe Cotton and a bloke from Spiderbait.
• The White Stripes, Kaiser Chiefs, James Hunter and Pink Martini are on Later with Jools Holland (Rialto).
• Up to episode eight on Dexter (Sky 1), here’s the TwoP recap for afterwards. Michael C Hall is good in this.
• Actor Jude Law, comedian Sarah Silverman and musical guest John Fogerty on Letterman.

• The Pulp Sport (TV3) guys show some cojones by walking through Christchurch with a “Riche McCaw is a cheat” sign.
• Jim and Pam go on an unofficial date on The Office (TV3). Aww.
• Actor Jamie Foxx, actor Jimmy Smits and musical guest Will.I.Am on Letterman.

Hex (TV2) features total hotties in a boarding school and was billed as the British Buffy. Charlie Brooker thought it beggared – and buggered – belief. Still, I'll be there.
• Kinda loving Love My Way (TV1), which really is The Secret Life of Us in their 30s. You tend to wonder when Evan and Gabrielle will be popping over for a barbie – and Deborah Mailman. Where’s their token Native Australian?
50 Ways of Saying Fabulous gets a four from Philip.
• Actor Sean Penn, director Barry Sonnenfeld and musical guests Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals on Letterman.

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