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All this, and Lucy too

Frakking heck, season two of Battlestar Galactica is soo good and you should all go out and buy it immediately, because TV3 says that it might not screen it until late next year. Yes. By then, season three will be out in a box set of course.

Talk about metaphors, Trev: terrorism, religious fanatic Cylons, prisoner interrogation, peace activists, the abortion debate, politics, way intense relationships. Oh, and Lucy Lawless. I love science fiction. BSG is also really nicely designed, from the uniforms to the order papers that arrive in CIC. Here’s a good interview with the executive producers about updating the original and what’s left of those designs – like the Vipers, the Galactica and some of the fleet. “Frak” is also from the original series and is my new favourite f-word. Also, thanks to Sarah, a link to a Slate story about executive producer Ronald D Moore, who has an excellent 70s haircut btw, and how you can get a podcast of a four-hour writers meeting. OMG.

Fucking hell, Outrageous Fortune is soo good and TV3, or rather SPP, has a bright and shiny $10 million to cook up another – count ‘em – 22 episodes. That’s a whole US season-type number, but the question is whether TV3 will show them continuously or split them into two, which is what TV1 did with Mercy Peak. Plays havoc on the writers, I’m told, because they have to plan for a cliffhanger in the middle of the season.

The current season of OF ends in a couple of weeks, although there is a two-hour Christmas special on Boxing Day. Hurrah! You may need to be getting in the DVDs, or your stolen television you dirty downloaders, for Christmas Day though, it’s not looking pretty.

Reasons to be cheerful include Entourage of course. It really is, finally, the boys behaving badly drama we’ve been waiting for and which wasn’t delivered in a bunch of wannabe sitcoms and dramas – even the Aussie series Last Man Standing was an failed attempt. HBO once did something called The Mind of the Married Man which apparently was a dog. Entourage is the neat Hollywood satire we’ve always wanted to. I love the way Vince is so lazy; in Friday’s ep he turned down the chance to deflower a famous singing virgin because he didn’t want the responsibility. Heh. Here’s an EW review of the first season DVD that doesn’t contain spoilers, except that they think that Kevin Dillon steals the show.

And now something for the lay-dees. Blokes, no need to read further. If, like me, you dislike underwire bras, and if, like me, you’ve been frustrated by the lack of range and colour and styles available, can I recommend here. The whole ordering thing was a total breeze and the order has arrived quite promptly too. And the bra is RED. Not black, not white, not flesh-toned. Bloody red. Fantastic.

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