Radiation by Fiona Rae

Aimin' to misbehave

Yes, yes, I was so right about Hugo on Shortland Street. Ahh, the fan leans back with feet up and sighs, content in the knowledge that all that couch time wasn’t for nothing. Oh, alright, so the video camera was a dead giveaway, as was the fact that he was the only one who knew Robyn was lying about her home invasion, but I’m allowed a little self-congratulation aren’t I?

Loving the Shortie, although Campbell Live can be distracting. Friday saw both Campbell and Paul Holmes go big on Civil Unions and good on Holmesy for including those lovely chaps in his “Our people tonight” sign-off. I’d hate to see the negative texts the show got – I’m sure there must have been some – but the ones on screen were lovely too. I always cry at Civil Unions.

The Serenity movie trailer is out, but comes with a tinge of sadness – how likely are we to even see the movie down here in September? And how likely are we to enjoy the full, sexy, Mal misbehavin’, Reavers-at-dawn big-screen experience? Sigh. However, the trailer is very fun, with – as we’ve come to expect and love – fantastic lines. And, once again, Joss Whedon creates another girl superhero. The guy can’t help himself.

Ga-ga Browncoats, as the most rabid of the fans are called in the US, have sold out 10 preview screenings of the movie in less than a day. Apparently, some theatre managers were even threatened, earning unruly Browncoats a telling-off from Joss himself, who sometimes posts on fireflyfans.net. The screening is May 5 in the US, so no doubt there’ll be write-ups squirting all over the Internet on May 6.

Graeme writes to say that, yes, episodes of Firefly were shown out of order – and that the DVDs have been available here for about a week.

Serenity is so going to kick Star Wars ass, in terms of satisfying storylines anyway, but what with George Lucas appearing on The O.C. and all, it’s a slam dunk for the SW publicity machine. That story outlines George’s plans for a live-action TV series, which is fine, but George, we’re begging you, please get someone in who knows how to write dialogue. [Oh God, this makes me a total geek, doesn’t it?] Hey, here’s the review of the first Star Wars movie from the New York Times.

Have the makers of this show on Channel 4 in the UK been watching Eating Media Lunch?

Does anyone else think that Carnivàle is taking the piss a little bit? All that supernatural nonsense. It’s thoroughly watchable, but I wouldn’t be taking any of it seriously. I do think that liberal Hollywood is having a debate with conservative America at the moment and that’s where the preacher-man (Clancy Brown) and the mystical boy (Nick Stahl), whose futures are linked, come in. Torture seems to be a theme too (not in Carnivàle) – there’s been torture scenes in Lost and Battlestar Galactica and apparently one comes up in Angel.

I actually got a Letterman list recently:

Monday 2nd: Paris Hilton
Tuesday 3rd: Teri Hatcher
Wednesday 4th: Martin Short and Elisha Cuthbert
Thursday 5th: Jennifer Lopez and Snoop Dogg
Friday 6th: Orlando Bloom
Monday 9th: Luke Wilson
Tuesday 10th: Christina Applegate