OnPoint by Keith Ng

One Friday and four episodes at a time...

Things have been a wee bit quiet here. Mr Jarrod Baker has been recovering from his tour of duty at the Comedy Festival as part of the comedy duo Mrs Peacock. All those groupies were, no doubt, very draining on his... er... creative juices. Meanwhile, I've been wanting to wade into the tax debate, but have been too busy contributing to The Mounting Surplus Crisis with one of them "day-job" thingys.

The day-job, which I am struggling to lose, will also help pay for the ridiculous internet bill I'm chalking up (not) downloading the entire fifth season of Scrubs and sixth season of Sopranos. Scrubs is as brilliant as ever, and - critics be damned - Sopranos has still got it, too.

With The Unauthorised History of New Zealand finished, I haven't watched TV for over a week. Yep - TV is dead; to me, at least. In the same way that I lost my patience for books when the internet arrived, I am now incapable of sitting through an ad break, or waiting a week for the next episode.

Downloading TV is like getting crack in a family-size pack - once you've stacked your pantry full of it, why would you ever go back to the crackhouse?

It bears thinking about that I'm more than happy to fork out $30 on excess internet traffic to download all these shows, which is presumably a heck of a lot more than what the producers of the show get per viewer via advertising. Maybe it's time for ISPs to consider sponsoring television.

In the spirit of completing this write-off of a week for Aucklanders, anyone who has to deal with Aucklanders, and anyone who feels like using "not being able to email Aucklanders for four hours" as an excuse, I would like to introduce: Dr McNinja.

(Hat tip: Stephen Judd)

He's a ninja *and* a doctor. He fights Ronald McDonald, a giant lumberjack, and of course, pirates.

"He's a doctor. He knows science."

And there are three full comics for your Friday pleasure. Sooo muuuch niiiinjaaaa.

How about just a little wee cartoon to start you off?

Oh, one more wouldn't hurt, would it? Click here for more NGA.

Go on. You don't need to work.