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Competitive market (with NGA)

The folk parody duo scene in New Zealand is pretty competitive. So competitive, in fact, that our ‭‬4th most popular folk parody duo had to skip the country to get an audience. All the more reason to belatedly congratulate our resident folk/rock parody half-duo, Jarrod Baker, and his other half-duo, Dave Smith: former winners of the NZ Comedy Guild's Most Offensive Gag Award, and now, winners of the Billy T James Award.

Russell ‭‬interviewed Dave for PA Radio earlier this week, and, for your Friday slacking-off pleasure, here are ‭‬their greatest hits on MySpace. My favourite is still ‭‬"Tony", which in no way reflects on ‭‬the (spoiler-loaded) Sopranos thread that has kept me distracted throughout the week.

My reason for liking ‭‬"Tony" is the constipated look that Jarrod does when performing it, which, I feel, really adds a lot of emotional resonance to the song. Though, perhaps, he is drawing it's from the deep symbolism of ‭‬"The Flange". It's all very deep.

Well there you go. All the Kiwi kids are *giving* it away. Aren't they nice?

Mr Baker has also resumed his regularly NGA gig here, which is more than I can say for my own slack-arsedness. I will endeavour to write a post that doesn't have Deborah Coddington in it next week. D'oh!

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