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Brain Drain Et Cetera

So, after all that distracting talk about the Tea Tapes last week, I'm glad we've finally come back to serious, substantive discussion about New Zealand's Winston Policy. National and Labour have both persuasively laid out the case for their respective Winston manifestos, and I'm sure the credit ratings agencies will be monitoring the situation closely.

I've complained in the past that it's all too easy for our politicians to *say* that Winston is our nation's most precious resource, or that Winston is Our Future, or simply WINSTON WINSTON WINSTON WINSTON. But I take comfort in the fact that in this election, Key has truly taken WINSTON WINSTON WINSTON WINSTON to heart, and WINSTON WINSTON WINSTON.

Unfortunately, my Winston-based data visualisation technologies are not quite ready, though I'm close to proving quantum entanglement between Winston and Banks, which would explain how a cup of tea in Epsom can travel into Winston's mouth faster than the speed of a voice recording.

However, I've been working on a new map-based tool, and here's the first result: The Brain Grain! It uses migration data from StatsNZ to track the "brain drain", and provides granular breakdowns by age (by occupation and gender in the next version).

Actually, it's not granular at all. But grain rhymes with brain, and as the saying goes: "Rhyme is a perfectly good substitute for reason; something something lightly-season."

Ahem. But it's Actually Quite Good as a generic migration analysis tool.

And in case you missed it (possibly because I never posted it..), here is the visualisation of the Consumer Price Index I made for Mix and Mash.

That won the Infographic section, but I was also quite pleased with my other entry, the Super Modern Thompsontron 1952, inspired by Alasdair Thompson (SFW, I promise).

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