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BOOKER LAUREATE CATFIGHT (OR SOMETHING) The Herald reports that Keri Hulme is all the way off V.S. Naipaul's Christmas card list -- which puts her in very good company (i.e. every other English-language author ever, it seems).  Though Observer book columnist Robert McCrum (cited without attribution by the Herald) might want to check his own condescending prickery.  Keri hasn't been "silent for decades", chap -- as Public Address readers well know.

THEY'RE THE KINGS OF THE WORLD! Talented people bring out in me just a hint of the green-eyed monster, but Friends of Public Address Jonathan and Rachael King are taking it too far.  Film-maker Jonathan's web comic Threat Level is deliciously geeky fun, and his novelist-sister's selection of their father's prose The Silence Beyond is impeccable.  (No spoilers, sweeties - but the review that will go live next week is going to be a gusher. Penguin NZ has almost redeemed itself for the Ihimaera plagiarism fiasco.)  An edited version of her introduction can be read on The Listener website here. (EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to Fundy Post (Paul Litterick) for pointing out Rachael King also paid tribute to her Dad on Nat Radio's Sunday Morning.  Seriously, Rachael, could you please stop bogarting New Zealand's awesomeness reserves?)

BEING BORING? Sick of eating you cinematic broccoli?  Dan Kois feels your pain.  NYTimes film writers Manohla Dargis and A.O. Scott respond with a rather lively defence of slow and boring.


"Salman Rushdie is to make a sci-fi television series in the belief that quality TV drama has taken over from film and the novel as the best way of widely communicating ideas and stories.

"It's like the best of both worlds," said the novelist in an interview with the Observer. "You can work in movie style productions, but have proper control."


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