Muse by Craig Ranapia


Postcard from Cylon-Occupied Caprica: Signs and Portents

It was Bernard Shaw who said the English and Americans were divided by a common language, but there's no place in the world where something won't make you giggle like a dirty-minded infant...


...Though it's more unusual for a ferry ride to trigger an existential crisis.


Public art is kind of depressing...

('The Words Don't Fit The Picture' by Ron Terada. Vancouver Central Library, South Plaza, 350 West Gerogia Street)

....or creepy...

(Detail, Vancouver Police Department Memorial, 240 W. Cordoba Street)

... or simply worng in ways that defy human comprehension. 

If that does anything for your appetite, please get off my virtual lawn. Now.

Still, Vancouver may be kind of grey and wet, but how could not not love a city that embraces Ryan Adams and Michael Buble by putting plaques in the middle of streets instead of brands on their foreheads?

And you what know what happiness is?  After a morning absorbing Matisse and indigenous hip-hop contemporary art practice at the excellent Vancouver Art Gallery  step outside and let beautiful and charming Canadian women in a truck will sell you three types of grilled cheese in one glorious toastie pie of death. 

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