Muse by Craig Ranapia


Election Night A-MUSE-ment

I'm sure we'll all live to regret it, but I've been invited to be the Paul Henry analogue on The Discourse Weekly Show's Discourse Votes 2011 HD-internet-tele-thingy, alive from an undisclosed location in glamourous Newmarket on Saturday 26 November from 7pm

The brief, according to the e-mail I got from co-host Dylan Reeve after an impromptu invite on Twitter is as follows:

We kick off at 7pm and will basically spend the next four-hours talking shit about the election and stuff while delivering election results.

To avoid becoming crazy and repetitive we're looking for any and all guests who can offer interesting comments, insights, rants or interpretive dance...

We will basically be winging it, so you're welcome to come in more-or-less whenever, and stay for as long as feels comfortable.

Let's face it, in your heart you know my unfortunate taste in bow ties is going to be a damn sight less offensive than anything going down on lamestream media.

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