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SILENCE SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS? If the arrest of Chinese conceptual artist Ai Weiwei doesn't ring any bells, join the club.  Terry Teachout is not impressed by the deafening silence of arts institutions in the United States.

EQUAL TIME FOR WELLYWOODERS.  Suck it Sherlock, Brian Rudman is on the Case of the Vanishing Suffrage Mural. Any Wellingtonian traumatised by my meanness last week can go to town in the comments.  I won't stop you.

BAD MEDICINE.  Shock jock Paul Henry blames it all on dislexia. I still hold to my theory that he was born with two arseholes -- one of which climbed up his spinal column, ate his brain and took over.

BOOBS! (NOW I'VE GOT YOUR ATTENTION...).    Myles McNutt of the excellent US tele-blog Cultural Leanings came up with the critical neologism of the week with "sexposition" -- in the context of an excellent (but spoiler-heavy) discussion of a gratuitously boob-age heavy episode of Game of Thrones.

THERE GOES MY TORY STREET CRED... but it's hard not to agree with the filthy unions that while it's nice Whitcoulls/Borders has new owners, it's not cool they're apparently trying to hustle employees into signing away their redundancy clauses.  Nobody is naive enough to think being on the frontline of retail bookselling is ever going to make you rich, but  a kick in the nads is no way to say hello.

THIS IS A TEST.  Which cover of Kate Bush's gloriously insane Wuthering Heights makes your ears cry louder?

Horrible Aussie cock-rockers Wolfmother:

Or horrible popera warbler Haley Westenra?

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