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Wonderful athletes

I'm not saying it would have changed the result - Australia are too good and Nathan Astle isn't in any form - but Astle should not have been given out in yesterday's one-dayer. We got the replays, of course, and the commentators all observed that the ball bounced up from the "tips of the gloves" to be safely caught by Adam Gilchrist. No it didn't. It fairly obviously bounced up from the grass.

For the ball to have bounced upwards from the "tips" of the gloves without touching a blade of grass would have rewritten the laws of physics. But the commentators could not say that, because Gilchrist - who is fond of sermonising about how batsmen should walk when they nick it - had claimed the catch and vouchsafed to a doubtful Astle that he had done so. Gilchrist probably thought he had caught it. And woe betide the commentator who would call Gilly a liar.

Former award-winning Craccum editor Ryan Sproull has fulfilled his promise to blog, with a blog that shows great promise. He offers pithy commentary on Ayn Rand and the Godmarks billboards.

He also linked to this fascinating map of global GDP density.

Mr Litterick notes champion bore blogger Whale Oil's rather odd complaints to the Human Rights Commission on behalf of the Exclusive Brethren. Political correctness gone mad, surely? He politely attempts to discuss such on Mr Oil's blog, and is assailed as "thick", "bigoted" and a "knob". In another post, Mr Oil trumpets his refusal to attend blogger drinks with "the enemy", providing further proof, if any were needed, that he is not someone any sane person would wish to sit next to in a pub.

Perhaps Mr Oil could next weigh in on behalf the looney cleric Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali, who was told not to bloody well come back then after he claimed on Egyptian TV that that Muslims like himself had "no rights" in Australia but were more entitled to be in the country than those with convict heritage ("We came as free people. We bought our own tickets. We are entitled to Australia more than they are.") Australian Muslim groups, on the other hand, suggested that the sheik just STFU.

Amusing commentary: Tofu Will Make You Gay! This just in: Soy will turn your kid into a fey girly man with a very small penis. Also: God hates vegans.

And finally, Britain's Sunday Express carries the somehow inevitable news that Victoria Beckham has been hanging out with TomKat at the Church of Scientology's "celebrity centre" and is now "interested" in Scientology.

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