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The War Stories

As most of you will know, Maori Television's Anzac Day coverage has become one of its broadcast taonga -- and they're all lined up to do the job again tomorrow. Note that at 7am tomorrow, they'll be screening Cameron Bennett's moving documentary El Alamein: A Line in the Sand, in which Bennett follows a group of 22 Kiwi veterans from the North Africa Campaign as they return to Egypt.

Maori Television has kindly provided five DVD copies of El Alamein: Line in the Sand for me to give away to Public Address readers. To be in, click the email icon below and put ANZAC in the subject line.


But before that screens tomorrow, there's another documentary. Scheduled separately from  the Anzac Day selection, Kay Ellmers and Annie Goldson's He Toki Huna: New Zealand in Afghanistan looks at our 10-year war in a distant land, largely through the eyes of New Zealand journalist Jon Stephenson.

Commissioned by Maori Television, the film explores the reasons for New Zealand's participation in Afghanistan and the impact of our military presence there -- on both the local people and on the young men and women we sent.

This is a topic the news media have trod carefully around, and I think its commissioning speaks volumes for Maori Television's commitment to serious public interest programming. It screens tonight at 8.30pm.

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